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Gluten Free is NOT IBS safe

Don’t get me wrong, not all Gluten free products do I consider bad for IBS but you really need to watch yourself. Especially if you have an allergy or intolerance to wheat and soy (and other things).

Please note, I’m just a Computer nerd. I do not have any teaching in nutrition or health. I’m only going by my reaction and experience. If you have suspicions of any issues you need to be sure you get checked out by a doctor for anything else first.

As most of you already know, I’m on a Low-Fodmap diet. It’s a diet made to help people with stomach problems or IBS. I have suffered with severe stomach problems since the day I can remember. I have even had to undergo major surgery that had me feeling great for 9 months, but then the symptoms came back.

After dealing with depression because of it I decided to start taking matters into my own hand. I have been researching and testing and trying all new things when it comes to health, food, and exercise. I can tell you one thing, it has not been easy. I love food and a lot of the foods I love are not something I can tolerate anymore.

However, I have had some success. I have actually had good days that have lasted longer than 2-3 days but up to weeks! When I fail, it is hard, and the pain is severe. This will take time but over the past few months I feel like I have really started to learn a lot more about my body and foods.

The reason I have a thing against the Gluten free world is the substitutes they put in it. I understand if you are gluten intolerant or if you have celiac – it is a life or death matter to you so ignore this. I, however, never noticed much of a gluten issue. My intolerance is more with the substitutes in things that are gluten free or even lactose free.

A long time ago, back when I first got diagnosed with asthma, my PCP ran a blood test to see what kind of foods I would be allergic too. I had him do this even though they said the tests are not really that reliable. The person who read the results was actually my Allergy specialists. I don’t dislike this guy but he is kind of closed minded to the idea of many things and issues. I say this so you understand my next words.

The results said nothing about allergies to nuts – which I was glad for but it was in the red for, dun dun dun, wheat. My doctor immediately ignored this and said it must have been a false positive. I wasn’t going to question him on this because I thought it had to be wrong too.

That was a mistake. While I’m not deathly allergic to wheat (obviously I’m still here) I have a strong intolerance to it, as well as soy. I have been figuring this out by the elimination of foods. Anytime I try to eat something that is gluten free I realize how much stuff they put in it that I really can’t have due to my intolerance or allergies. I think the gluten free breads are my biggest problem. They use stuff called xanthan gum which, to me, seems like a terrible idea for anyone with gut problems.  I liked this post about xanthan gum.  Here is a quote from the article/post. “I mentioned in the opening section that xanthan gum is produced by bacterial fermentation of a sugar-containing medium. Unfortunately, that ‘medium’ is often a potentially allergenic substance such as corn, soy, dairy, or wheat.”

The first time I had a reaction I thought it was just because I ate too fast. I kind of felt like I was choking and couldn’t really swallow. It didn’t last long but I didn’t feel so good after it. The second time I stopped eating Gluten free bread and just forgot all about bread because it hurt! I tried again for the third time and I really got scared because if it didn’t fade I was going to be in big trouble because no one was around. I couldn’t swallow and it felt like my air way was trying to close off. I have never had that kind of reaction to food before. I’ve always just shown the intolerance such as bloating, pain in stomach, etc. The more times I kept trying to eat it the worst my symptoms got.

Gluten free bread brought a whole new case of problems for my allergies and my stomach problems.

So as someone who has suffered with stomach troubles, been diagnosed with IBS and other things, I have come to the conclusion that Gluten free is not for me. Regular bread is safer in the long run. 0_0

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  1. Amy Amy

    Wow, that reaction doesn’t sound good. It must be awful to react to food like that. I get stomach problems from a lot of milk-based products, though I’ve never seen a medical professional about it.

    Hopefully you continue to learn about what foods are okay for you, so you can enjoy them more.
    Amy recently posted..Welcome to my BedroomMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      So you are probably lactose intolerant then? I have a friend like that. I think I might be okay with lactose, one of so few things I can eat lol
      Thanks, I’m doing my best. It is hard for sure.

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