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So it seems Halloween for me this year is going to be a bust. First of all, there was only one Halloween store that opened up this year and when I went inside there were no flyers about any cool Haunted Houses. I suppose I could look at our city’s paper but I sort of doubt there will be much aside from the typical lame ones that are meant for 10 year old’s. I was very sad to find out that the Zombie Paint Ball one doesn’t seem to be happening this year. Boohoo. DX

I can’t even dress up for work. That really sucks when you’re a cosplayer. LOL

I guess the most I can hope for is that we get our Umineko cosplay video done and uploaded in time. We were able to finally do some more shots so hopefully we won’t be to tired (I say we but I mean my sister) to edit the video. The cool thing is my new Yuuki wig for my Vampire Knight cosplay came in before Halloween so I was able to do a few creepy shots. I didn’t take a lot because both my sister and I were tired from the video making the previous day. I hope to come up with some more creepy ideas and possibly plan it better too. I just hate putting on that fake blood, it is so hard to get off! lol


So here is to a super short post! I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!
Eat lots of candy and be safe!

P.S. Is there anyone who does photography as a hobby or maybe for a career choice? I’m in need of some friends that can help me with advice on photography equipment. I want to attempt some lighting but I’m way out of my league LOL

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  1. Cat Cat

    That’s too bad that Halloween isn’t working out for you! I’m not doing much either. We just have a Halloween party at work that I plan on dressing up for.

    Nice job with your make-up in the photo! I love how red those contacts are XD The new wig looks nice too.

    What kind of lighting are you planning on, by the way? Most of my experience is with speedlights since they’re nice and portable. I’ve only used studio lighting a few times.
    Cat recently posted..Busy things latelyMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      Yeah, it is a bit of a bummer. I wish our job had one… that was the only good thing about Mayfield Paper – I could dress up for Halloween. LOL

      Thankies! It was a fun new experiement I’m glad it turned out good. OMG that wig is sssooo much better than the last one.

      I guess that is really just it. I’m not all that sure. I just recently read a pdf book about lighting and got a better idea so it will probably be speed lights and softboxes – but I also want to be able to have differnt shades of light such as red or blue for a different autmosphere so I was trying to figure out what was best for those and it seems like a strobe with gels (flashing so it doesn’t melt the gels) Meh, it is all stuff I can’t afford in the meantime so I got time to think about it.

      • Cat Cat

        You can buy gel swatchbooks for pretty cheap, and those swatches are still big enough to put in front of a speedlight. The light wouldn’t be on continuously, but whenever the speedlight flashes through the gel, you’ll get that color of light.

        For example… we used an AlienBee flash for the main lighting in this shoot, but the background was a speedlight pointed at the wall with a colored gel swatch:

        Some speedlights are more affordable than others and still have strong lighting. They are just less fancy tech-wise (like might not have a digital screen or might be bulkier). You could look into third party brands like Vivitar, which are much cheaper. Flash umbrellas are also cheaper than softboxes.
        Cat recently posted..Busy things latelyMy Profile

        • ongaku ongaku

          Thanks for the tips on brands and stuff. I was needing that. I do have some flash umbrellas already from a studio set that my friends and I got so the softbox would be my second thing on my list. I already own a flash so I’m good to go with that though I need to get a light stand because the ones my umbrellas came with – bleg. Those pictures are very nice – btw.
          I was looking at the AlineBees earlier and then some cheaper ones but I guess it all depends on how my pockets feel and how much of a risk I want to take on buying things cheaper.

  2. Cool! I love your contacts <3
    We have a Halloween too and really having a hard tine what to wear XD LOLZ!
    First I'm in need of contact lens XD Heehee~ Happy Halloween! 😀

    PS: What did you use for the fangs? 🙂 Thanks!
    xian recently posted..Super Show 5 ManilaMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      Thankies XD
      I wish I had something to do for Halloween this year so I could dress up.
      I used something called Custom Designer Sexy Bites – they are a pain to get just right but they look the best. I think mine where a little too yellow though orz

  3. Amy Amy

    I’m not doing anything for Halloween either, all my friends are off out for a cool Halloween night but I’m on holiday for my birthday when it’s on. I reallyt wanted to dress up this year as well! Hope you still manage to have a great Halloween!

    I love the photo!

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    • ongaku ongaku

      I think I’m just going to stay home and watch scary movies and be a couch potato lol XD
      Thankies XD

  4. I wish I could personally help you on how to develop yourself as a professional photographer, but I can’t because I don’t do it. However, as a fellow artist [musician], my suggestion is to look at other people’s works and see if you can get inspired. Perhaps you can contact them and ask for some feedback. It may sound counter intuitive, but artists are typically good with collaboration and exchanging ideas. Good luck!

    Happy Halloween to you too. 🙂
    Agent Q recently posted..Irrational FearMy Profile

  5. Amy Amy

    Awwwh! That’s a shame you didn’t get to do much for Halloween 🙁 I usually don’t dress up but my friend invited me to a party which meant i needed a last minute costume (I went as a cat, simple hahaha). I don’t know many costume shops or ones that come cheap since i know i won’t wear it again…

    What did you end up doing for Halloween?
    Amy recently posted..The Big Office Move!My Profile

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