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Happy Valentines!

Yes, I know it is tomorrow but I wanted to do it today just in case I forgot. It’s not exactly a holiday that is on my radar. lol

Check out that huge box of chocolate!!! XD

Here we are cosplaying Code Geass in casual clothes.

Other than that, I don’t have a lot to say. I took a quick break from the 21-Day Tummy thing because I injured myself. I did try out some more recipes though – I will talk about it on my next post. The hardest part about this diet is having food stocked in the house. I hate grocery shopping! lol

I have to say though, that the diet was really working. I dropped back under 140 and I wasn’t bloating as much. Now that I’m off it I feel like crap again. 0_0 So yeah, I really want to keep this up. I just got to be more careful with my exercise. It seems my shins hate me now.

The weather sure is crazy this year, ne? Here in Texas it keeps going from freezing to above 75 and in the 80s! It is insane! I hate it because my joints are screaming at me and I’m really tired of wearing my coat. I think it needs to be dry cleaned soon.

What sucks is my hurt leg wouldn’t be hurting as bad right now if it wasn’t for the weather. A few days ago we had really bad ice everywhere and since I work at a hospital I still had to come into work. That was so scary! I drove so slow and was about 10 minutes late even though I left hella early! However, even though I was trying to walk carefully into the job, I slipped and used my injured leg to catch myself. OMG I wanted to cry. I didn’t fall on my ass but it was painful enough and after that I was grabbing any tree or poll I saw until I made it safely inside.

At least the weather is suppose to be warm until next weekend. Which is good because I’m going to be on call all next week. I hate it, but I do need the extra monies because… Signing up for SAN JAPAN this week!!! Wahoo!! I’m not going to miss out on conventions for two years!

Well, I hope everyone has a nice V-Day tomorrow even if you are single. I’m certainly going to try by watching my favorites shows and being a bum. LOL Later!

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  1. Happy late Valentine’s day! Oh my goodness, that is a huge box of chocolate!! Did you end up eating all of it?

    Man, the weather has been crazy here today as well! Except, more in that it’s been about 0 degrees and under for the past few weeks. It hurts my face just to even go outside! Hopefully it will become stable!
    Becca recently posted..Simple and Sweet, You Make my Life CompleteMy Profile

  2. Happy late Valentine’s day and I love the wigs. Code Geass for the win!

    Sorry you got hurt even more 🙁 I agree the weather has been crazy even in Texas. I’m not used to it especially when it comes from winter then spring, then summer.
    Michelle recently posted..New UmbrellaMy Profile

  3. I know this is waaay overdue, but happy [belated] V-day to you too! Sorry that you had to take some time off due to the injury. What exercise do you do exactly that helps you with your overall weight? I do mostly weights with an occasional run every few days.

    I would assume the weather NOW is much better than two weeks ago. I know it is here in Houston, and I sincerely hope it’s the real deal this time. xD
    Agent Q recently posted..Accountability [Navy Style]My Profile

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