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Health, Makeup, and Snack Boxes

Okay, so I wanted to change my top post with something new since my last one was kind of depressing. First of all, I’m doing much better. The recovery to laparoscopic surgery is so much easier than getting a big old incision in your gut. I’m not sure if taking out my gallbladder is going to fix all my issues just yet but I’m hopeful it will be a big help. I will know once I’m fully recovered and not having to take pain pills or nausea medications.

I got my EGD and Colonoscopy tests done and over with. The testing itself was a breeze but the prep before was pure torture! I had to be on a clear liquid diet all day, the day before the test. Then drink 2 liters of salty prep that makes you tempted to buy depends to wear. orz Anyway, the colonoscopy came back with great results and my GI doctor told me I won’t have to do that again until I’m 50. Yay! The slight bad news was my EGD was not so perfect. It wasn’t terrible but there were some inflamed spots in my stomach, so he took two biopsys to test to H.Pylori and Celiac. Over all I’m not too worried but if the tests come back negative I am going to wonder about that inflammation. I had an EGD done when I was 14 and had the same kind of results but that doctor back then wouldn’t do anything to try and help it – not even any medications.

Anyway! I was bad and decided to try a pricey brand of makeup called AfterGlow Cosmetics. I was searching for makeup that is all natural and free from wheat or gluten. The reason for that is – even if I don’t have celiac – I do have some kind of allergy to wheat. I’m severely allergic to grass, itchy nose, closed up throat, hives… the works. Wheat is a type of grass if you think about it. Sometimes I get hives from it. Thankfully I don’t go into anaphylactic shock eating wheat. I’m getting off topic, anyway, to get to the point I don’t want to put things on my skin that have had contact with stuff I’m allergic too. I have the worst problem with eye makeup, especially mascara.

AfterGlow cosmetics has great reviews, all over the website and in other places. I can’t wait to get it and give it a try. My skin could use something better than the cheaper stuff I get. Not to harp on my makeup now, I do like my stuff from Etude house. I will be sure to do a little review of the makeup once I get it, maybe even on a youtube video.

Now, last but not least, I want to talk about my subscriptions to a couple of those snack boxes. When I first ordered them I really wanted to do a little unboxing video and a review on my blog, however when they came in I was super ill so I ended up deciding to wait for the 2nd box to come in. I have ordered from Snakku, Tokyo Treat, and SnackFever. Two of them or Japanese snacks and one is a Korean one. So far Snakku has been my absolute favorite but SnackFever was great too. I’m not all too impressed with Tokyo Treat but I will give it one more chance. Otherwise I might try Japan Crate to replace it.

Snakku is a Japanese box, but unlike the others they put in more rare items that you couldn’t get anywhere but Japan itself. They go to old stores that have been around for over 100 years and get treats from those places. I loved every item that came in my first box and the presentation was gorgeous. It came in a nicely design box, that was wrapped up like a fancy bento. The packaging was stuffed with shredded cardboard to keep it from getting smashed or broken. The first box is the only one that will come wrapped but it was very nice. If I decide to keep ordering one box it will be this one. Also, the staff/owner is super nice! They respond to emails quickly, makes you feel like an important customer.

SnackFever is a Korean box and it is my second favorite. I haven’t been able to eat all the items in it yet because some of them are spicy and I just had gallbladder surgery – I don’t have a death wish. What I have eaten has been really good. I enjoyed the cute Christmas card that came with it as well. I actually found this place because they started to follow me on Instagram. Good job with sucking me in SnackFever! haha

TokyoTreat is another Japanese box but this one is more geared toward the generic Japanese snacks, some of the things you can find on Amazon and your local Asian Grocer. I wasn’t all to impressed with this one. First of all, it was themed around Pokemon stuff. Not to diss on Pokemon, it is just not my thing. Second, the snacks I have tried so far have either been disgusting or just, meh. I have yet to finish all of it, or do the DIY candies – which is the reason I tried this one in the first place. I’m trying not to knock it just yet but it is definitely my least favorite so far.

So there you have it! I will do more updates once all of those things come in. Hope this helps you if you are looking into getting any of this stuff. ♥

16 thoughts on “Health, Makeup, and Snack Boxes”

  1. Glad to hear you’re doing better, and that your colonoscopy results were good! I hope the biopsys will be ok too.

    Oohh, Snakku sounds really interesting. I like that it has rare items that are harder to find outside of Japan. I always think it’s weird when there’s snack boxes like TokyoTreat with things you can just get at Asian supermarkets. I’m not familiar with Korea snacks, but that’s good that SnackFever turned out well too!
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    1. Yup yup, thank god I don’t have to do that colon test again for 20 years. 🙂 My biopsy all showed negative so at least no bad things are going on, just gotta keep an eye on those inflamed spots I suppose.

      Yeah, that is what made me want to get Snakku. I found them because they have a blog and they reviewed other boxes. I was intrigued and ended up ordering from them first.

    1. Thanks! I’m well on my way ♥
      They are so addicting! I’m probably going to have to cancel most of them for financial issues soon though. haha

  2. Glad to hear that the tests went well. It sounds like a hassle having to be on a clear diet!

    Hope AfterGlow Cosmetics won’t be a letdown! It’s a bummer when you spend all of they money and end up not being able to completely use the product :/. Snakku sounds like a tasty sub box! It’s awesome when anything is in a bento XD. It’s interesting to see the different types of food out there, such as Korean food typically being spicy. Enjoy your boxes!

    1. OMG it really was! The strangest part is I should have felt starving but I was more thirsty on that prep and clear liquid diet. haha
      Me too, I’m really hopefully because I have yet to read an unhappy review on the product.
      It really is. I wanna try some others for other countries in the near future.

  3. Oh my goodness, i have you have a good recovery. My boyfriend also thinks he have a wheat allergy rather than a gluten allergy too. He also mentioned it could also be how the wheat is processed in the United States since there are people who go over to Europe and are fine with the wheat products over there.

    Ah I’m so tempted to try the Snakku now, but I’ve sworn off subscription services…at least for now. XD

    1. Thanks! Well, I have no celiac – thank god – but my allergy test was always positive for wheat so I have no idea what that is doing… maybe it is the cause of my asthma. At least it isn’t causing intestinal damage though. Yeah, I saw things about that but people in the U.K. have that disease as well – they spell it different.
      Snakku is really great! I will probably keep that one after canceling the rest. 🙂

    1. Haha, yeah, it’s been hell most of my life but these last two years have been the roughest.
      I hope your stomach issues is nothing serious and you can get it resolved quickly! Gastro problems are the worst.

  4. I hope that everything will be better and you can finally find a solution to your problems!

    That is such a good idea to have makeup that is not including ingredients you are allergic too. I had no thought about it being in makeup before.

    The snack boxes sound awesome. 😀

  5. Whew! I’m glad your colonoscopy is over with! My dad had colon cancer, so he had to do liquid diet preps a lot. I have to have one a bit sooner than most people because my grandfather also had colon cancer, so not looking forward to that! I hope your other test comes back okay!

    The snack boxes sound awesome! I’m glad you liked most of them, though the DIY candies sound very interesting to me!

    1. Oh no, that is terrible that your family has colon cancer. ): Goot luck with your test!
      The boxes are so much fun, it’s hard not to subscribe to more and more haha.

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