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I went back to the hospital. This time my stay was only over night. I woke up on Wednesday morning in a lot of pain. For the past few weeks my stomach issues had been creeping back. The doctor had me take all kinds of things to try and help but the last one ended up hurting me more. So my doctor admitted me. It was awful.

I didn’t not get to sleep in the 24+hrs I was there, nor did I get to eat. He put me on liquid diet and tortured me with medication, that nasty CT drink (yeah got another CT scan done), bubble gum enemas (OMFG these are awful), magnesium citrate, a painful shot that burned like hell in my stomach, and Go Lightly (which should be call Drink Me Until you Vomit).

I was taking nausea medication every 4 hours just to not puke while I was getting this clean-out done.

Not to mention the IV I had which made it really hard to get to the toilet.

They didn’t find another blockage on CT scan (THANK GOD) but they did see something strange. Doctor told me they had seen it on the scans from the last time but did not think much of it. However, for it to still be there a year later… well they are going to want me to do an MRI to get a better look at it and see what it is in three months.

I’m glad I did not have to go into surgery again but I am worried about why my health keeps going down hill because it is frustrating.I don’t eat all that unhealthy because of my stomach pains to begin with. I don’t want to have to limit my food source even more. 0_0

In other news, I’m working on a new project for OMG Finally! I had been planning on this for weeks and slowly making the layout. I wanted to really work on my code and databasing and so on so forth so it is going to be a VERY slow process.

This is because I don’t have too much time to work on it. However, I have a little preview of how the site might look. I’m still working on it so I can’t say it will have this look permanently. I’m trying to use jquery for it so it is a bit challenging but fun.


Panikku will be made back into a pre-made graphics site, but it will also be my portfolio for the custom design and websites I have worked on for a profit. I will also offer quotes to make custom graphics. I’m in need of the extra cash lately. 0_0

Before I leave, my friend and fellow cosplay group member is going to be married! This coming Saturday is the bachelorette party and I got to design the invitations. Take a look, ignore the blocks I’m just protecting information.


I am proud of how it turned out since we are into cupcakes and her wedding colors are red and black. XD

Her wedding is actually going to be the very next Saturday after this. I better stay in good health!

That’s it for now! I plan to share a really yummy chicken recipe I learned recently. I will take pictures while I do it this time, so it isn’t so boring.

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  1. So sorry for not getting back to returning your comments, but I’m going to do it right meow!

    Oh goodness, so sorry to hear about all of your health problems. That sounds like a complete nightmare. I’ve had a CT before myself & I had the option of drinking this liquid either diluted with water (oh yay more to drink) or as a shot. Obviously I opted for the shot: get the damn thing over with. Tasted like bubble gum soap…….but that was absolutely nothing compared to the pain you’re going through. Yikes!! This sounds miserable. Do you suppose your GI is incompetent or if you’ve got some medical mystery going on? If you’re eating right, I don’t know what’s happening to your health! Do you also exercise? Maybe you should see an allergist/immunologist to see what’s up? You know, like get a test to see if you’re allergic to something that might be destroying your insides. My dad’s a GI so I feel pangs of frustration when people have incompetent GIs because they lump in one group of bad & they’re not, IF THEY CARE. I hope you get better!!!

    Your invitation is cute! I hope your friend is having a great party today!! & may she have a happy marriage. 🙂
    Tiff recently posted..The Big EatsyMy Profile

    1. Haha, it’s all good. I’m not all about back and forth. Probably because I tend to be more of a lurker, reading ppl blogs and not commenting often. I’m bad! lol

      Ug that contrast stuff is awful! I wish I could take it as a shot, mine was this big bottle of white, chalky thickness. They put it on ice to try and make it better but it doesn’t work. They have it hinted with a berry flavor so now I can’t even stand the smell of berries haha Then the second part with the I.V. that injection of stuff that makes you feel like you wet yourself. Yeah, fun stuff – haha.

      Actually, it is just my general PCP doing all this. I have yet to get with a GI doctor again. My pcp will probably refer me to one if I keep getting bad because I think he is at a loss.

      I use to exercise a lot, after my surgery I got lazy though I’m slowly trying to go back to gym.

      I’ve been tested but my allergist wasn’t concerned, he said they tend to give a lot of falls positives. He was pretty sure my super high reading to being allergic to wheat was wrong because I would be dead by now otherwise haha.

      I get it, how hard it can be to find a good GI. The sad thing, in my town, I kind of doubt there is one that is really good. LOL The good doctors don’t wanna live here. orz

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear that you had to go back to the hospital! That sounds like a terrible experience 🙁 I’m glad you didn’t need surgery again though. Hopefully the MRI turns out ok later.

    Looking forward to seeing Panukki as a pre-made graphics site! I still have mine open, and it’s been kind of lonely, haha. New ones have popped up, but I miss the old graphics sites and owners that used to be around. Cute invitation design too!

    I hope you’re feeling better!
    Cat recently posted..A quick guide to DSLR settingsMy Profile

    1. OMG I’m glad I didn’t need surgery too. i was so scared. Yeah, I’m thinking it will. XD

      Ha, yeah it took me a long time to decide to open it back up but I felt like the poor domain was going to waste.


  3. Oh my god~! I’m so sorry this has happened 🙁 I too, have some health problems but they aren’t worth looking too much into because they don’t interfere too much in my life. Yeah, Texas has crazy weather. My husband had a feeling about the snow, so before it, we went grocery shopping, and I thank him, because we had food for the next couple of days.

    I hope everything turns out to be okay and it’s nothing scary causing this pain. I’ve gone to the hospital for a lot of my life due to various issues, but alas, never anything terribly serious(okay, maybe seizures are serious, but still, they went away) but I’m giving you good vibes~
    Michelle recently posted..Magical Snow TimeMy Profile

  4. Oh, no! I hope your health problems get resolved without any major issues 🙁 I’m so sorry you had to go through all that. Here’s to hoping things get better for you!

    And I am liking what you have for Panikku 🙂 It looks great! Can’t wait to see the finished product!
    Tara recently posted..My Favourite Things: March 2015My Profile

    1. Me too, thank you 🙂

      Hehe, thanks. I hope it turns out well. This playing around with code but challenging.

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