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Holistic Approach

I know what you guys are thinking about my title. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not entirely anti-medication or anything. Some of my medications are very important in helping me. However, there are some of my medications giving me more problems than actually helping me so I have decided to try out some holistic approaches.

The medications that are making me the least happy are the PPIs that I’m on. I have been on protonix now for over 5 years and instead of no longer having stomach inflammation and GERD, I’m getting many other problems that I’m beginning to think are being caused by the medication.

Most of you probably already know, but if you don’t, I suffer with chronic stomach problems and have been for a very long time. I have gone through two surgeries in the past few years and have been in and out of the hospital several more times. Recently, to add on to my stomach stuff, I have had a messed up thyroid and low levels of vitamin D. I even ended up with such low levels of magnesium that I had a seizure. All of this is probably in tie with my gut not working right and not absorbing the nutrients I really need.

Now I’m having arthritic issues. First we thought it was because of the thyroid, so we got that adjusted, but the pain didn’t go away. Then we saw my vitamin D was low even though I was already on supplements. So I upped the dose and it got better but the pain is still there.

So, I looked up about some of my medications and one really stuck out like a sore thumb. I looked it up because of something my sister’s NP said. She told my sister that she didn’t want to have her on long term use of a PPI because of my sister’s issue with vitamin D and joint pain. She said it makes things worse on long term.

Hum… good to know. I plan to discuss this with my doctor on my next visit but I’m going to go ahead and stop taking it for a while to see what happens. I never felt like the PPIs where helping my GERD and stomach much anyways. It obviously wasn’t helping with the inflammation since my most recent EGD showed my stomach lining all inflamed. I was taking a protonix every morning and a zantac 300mg every night. The hiccups I had every day where annoying.

Honestly, I’m a little afraid of how bad my GERD will come back full force until I adjust again but I can’t stand this weakness and pain in my muscles and joints anymore. I’m also tired of just feeling so tired all the time. I get home from work and have barely any energy to cook a meal and get a bath before going to bed. I have been known to pass out at 7am. DX

I’m not going to go cold turkey though, not exactly. This is where the holistic approach comes in. I have been taking Tumeric Curcumin Capsules and Marshmallow Root Capsules. Honestly, I’m not expecting it to cure me but maybe it can calm down my symptoms and keep me from having to take the PPIs. The last thing I want is bone fractures.

marshmellowroot turmeric

I’m also thinking about trying some iodine drops. A co-worker of mine has been using it and swears if makes him feel much better. I’m skeptical but it doesn’t hurt to try it. Nascent Iodine.

To add to my health, I’m going back to being completely wheat free. I say wheat and not gluten because some of those gluten products are tricky and if you are not careful you will not notice where it says it may contain traces of wheat. That makes no sense to me but whatever. I’m also going back to following more of the FODMAP rules. Eliminating things I know that cause me to bloat and have discomfort. I have been doing this for a week now and my gut is already showing signs of being happier. I won’t go into detail on how for your sake – haha.

I’m looking forward to my first LoveWithFood subscription box. My grocery stores are doing a pretty good job at adding lots of wheat free stuff but I know there are plenty of other cool things to try out.

I will let you guys know how all of this goes. Hopefully not a hospital stay. I’m not sure how much more my job will keep me if I’m always out like this, heh.I hope to possibly share some of my more healthy recipes here as well. 🙂

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  1. Liv Liv

    I remember my roommate in college had digestive issues and she constantly had to take medication. I’m sorry that you are suffering a lot from something like stomach problems. I hope your new capsules can ease the symptoms and that your doctor can find the best solution so that you won’t be so burdened by it. 🙂
    Liv recently posted..Pokemon Turns 20!My Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      Thank you very much. I’m doing my very best to live with as little tummy issues as possible. 🙂

  2. Oof. That all sounds rough! I had no idea marshmallow was a plant until this moment, but I hope that it helps you! Best of luck!!

    • ongaku ongaku

      LOL I didn’t know about it either until some PT at the clinic recommended it to me when she over heard me talking about reflux to my friend.

  3. Hehe, for some reason, I first think of a happy colorful marshmallow tree in the land of candy and sugar when you mention marshmallow root, like something you would see in supermario. But after some wikipedia, it’s not exactly the case. XD

    I wish you the best.
    Thao recently posted..February Recap – TransitionsMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      LOL right? I was like marshmallow… root? Since when did they have roots?! haha Yeah, I quickly realized it must be a plant with the same name for some reason. Thank you 🙂

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