I feel like a bag of rocks…

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling out of sorts. The reason? My dream! I had some really twisted horrible nightmare. I can’t even explain it but WTF!!! What is wrong with my brain?!! LOL I haven’t had a nightmare that bad in a very long time. I’m not sure what brought it on either.

I took the week off from work so I have been relaxing. The only thing I can think would cause it is the stress from my ankle. Yup, back in April I hurt my ankle and 9 weeks later it is still hurting and I still can’t walk normal on it. I saw an orthopedic doctor and he gave me a boot and said to give it 4 more weeks… 4 more weeks?!!!! NNNOOOO He was like, if it still hurts we will do a MRI. I’m not really sure why 9 weeks later isn’t long enough to try and schedule a MRI!!! ARG! Tomorrow starts the 10th week of this shit! RAWR To top things off, the boot takes my pain level from a 2 to a 6!! After wearing it for awhile I start to feel cold sweats and sick to my stomach. I’m a bit concerned that I’m not getting good treatment and it sucks.

So yeah, I took PTO thinking my ankle would be better and I could leave town for a short trip but that didn’t happen. Thankfully my sister and her husband came down instead and I had a nice time visiting them. I also spent two days with my mother watching TV, talking, and her driving me to the library and stuff. I also spent a day with my father, which I’m glad I could do since I hardly ever see him. So, while it was a stay-cation I still enjoyed it and it was nice not having to go into work with my angry ankle and other health issues.

I ended up watching March Comes In Like a Lion on Netflix. I had seen it when it was coming out weekly in Japan and really enjoyed it but it was nice to see it dubbed so I could watch more of the art and other things. It really is one of those feel good animes. I really love the relationship between Rei and the three sisters.Those are my favorite parts. The Shogi parts can get a little hard to watch though since I don’t really know what is going on. I just treat it like chess since I do know how to play that but I can’t really follow the whole pieces and moves parts due to them being Japanese characters, haha.Still, it is an anime worth watching. I recommend it to anyone with netflix.Netflix has a pretty pathetic anime collection but there are a few gems on it for sure. I can’t wait for them to bring out Carole and Tuesday.

Oh yeah, I have really been enjoying the reboot of Fruits Basket. I can’t wait until it gets closer to the parts the old anime never touched on. Not sure how fast that is going to happen since it looks like it won’t continue on into the summer season. The summer season doesn’t really have anything I’m looking forward too but maybe I will be surprised by a title I didn’t think would be my speed.

Heh, this is turning into an otaku entry. Ops. Well, when you are crippled not much else you can do! ha!

I’m still reading webtoons a lot as well. Let me know if you guys want to know anymore recommendations. I read a lot of them, haha. Probably not very good for my arm with holding my cellphone all the time to read them. XD I decided to get some real books from the library. I really need to start reading again. I go on random sprees were I want to read and read and read and then all of a sudden it stops and I can’t touch another books or even fan fiction. I want to finish some of my fanfics as well so maybe reading again will get me back in that funk.

Anyway, I really hope I’m not stuck like this all summer. I have a hard enough time with the heat without dealing with crutches. At least my doctor approved to give me a temporary handicap placard. It makes going to the grocery store a little easier. I can hobble the few steps in the store then get on one of those powered carts. I was so embarrassed to use those at first but I got over it fast. Ha!

I will be coming back to visit blogs soon! Sorry for taking so long!