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Illness, Cosplay, and Kickball? What?

You know what, I think I have met my blog goals when I get a new post once a month. orz lol jk, I need to post more and visit people’s blogs more. I could give you a long list of why this doesn’t happen but it is just my lame excuses. XD

First of all, I don’t have kidney stones! I had an infection that I’m not sure is gone because I still have blood in my urine, but no kidney stones. Now, this should be good news to me. I mean, it really makes sense that I don’t have them. I’m not over weight, I drink tons of water and it doesn’t run in my family so it would have been weird. However, it didn’t exactly make me happy because I was hoping for a reason for all this flank pain. Now, they have no idea what is wrong and to treat the pain they gave me a topical cream, which does absolutely shit. Yay! I love how they ignore the blood in my urine… cause ya know, that is totally normal. -_-

Honestly, I’m pretty sure it is all connected to my colon. That, or I still have a bladder or kidney infection. One doctor-ish? person said I need to get check for cysts in my bladder but I don’t know. That doesn’t sound fun but that does run in my family so she may be on to something. She wasn’t my doctor and I’m not sure how to let my doctor know that without offending them? If it was my regular PCP I think it would be easy but right now I have to see his NP and I don’t dislike her but… sigh. 

————————-Mature talk starts here

Anyway, this might be a bit TMI for some people but I’m no longer going to censor myself when it comes to my chronic illness. For like the last 4-5 days I wasn’t able to go to the bathroom again. On Thursday evening I got punched in the stomach with it. The worst pain just hit me and there was no stopping it. I haven’t felt that kind of pain since before my partial blockage surgery. Let’s just say I was freaking worried. I had to take Friday off and get ready to try and cleanse out my colon.

It was not easy, I drank a full bottle of magnesium citrate and after 7 hours, nothing was happening. (btw, if you have no idea what mag citrate is count yourself lucky and if you do have to drink one I recommend the grape one :P) It was an awful feeling. Finally I decided to try and force it and took a suppository as well. This helped some, I went a bit and finally my colon was making noise and I could feel it trying to move. Arg, still, I didn’t go as much as I expected. I have to keep taking meds for awhile to help as well because on Saturday and Sunday I wasn’t going again. What a big fat pain in the ass. If I have another obstruction I’m just going to throw a temper tantrum. Mostly because, if I do, it is probably that same spot and they could have prevented this by resecting my colon instead of just putting a band-aid on it.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not like I want that, but if I have to be cut open again I would have wished that had done it the first time. Let’s just pray the linzess my gastro doctor puts me on keeps me from being completely blocked, as long as it isn’t my colon walls or any adhesion. 

Anyway, while I’m on this topic I have decided to make videos on my life with IBS and other chronic issues. I’m kind of nervous but I hope it connects me with more people with same issues. I want to make these videos interesting to watch so it isn’t just going to be a vlog. It might take me time to get them done. I tried to start this weekend but I was too ill and didn’t have enough energy. I hope you guys watch them and let me know what you think. I had joined a website called and got one of my stories published on their board. I wanna be more proactive about all of this.

If I really get into this, then you might see a lot more posts about IBS, FODMAP, and other chronic issues. 

————————————————— Mature Talk Stops Here

Now, for some fun stuff. If you made it all the way to this point then I thank you for taking the time to read it. ♥

Got a short photo cosplay shoot done. A co-worker of mine likes to take pictures and so does his girlfriend. They both love anime and cosplay so they asked me if I wanted to do a shoot. This was a simple one, with a studio set up in their dining room. It was fun and a great experience with a new photographer. I posted all of them on my cosplay Facebook page but here are just a few if you want to get an idea.

Then last, but not least – I played kickball! Yeah, I was forced to be social despite how fatigued I am. I was dreading it to a certain extent but it was actually a lot of fun. I even caught the ball once during a kick and got the player immediately out. I would have enjoyed it even more if it wasn’t for my foot getting the worse cramp ever. I think that was a sign that I need new tennis shoes, badly. haha My team got creamed, especially on the second game – but it was still fun. Also, it was funny because my doctor was there and he was on my team doing most of the pitching. He teased me when I got a foot cramp and was like, oh no, are you injured? What does your doctor have to say about that? Haha, doctor jokes. XD (He was there because he is the head of all the doctors on all the Epic projects) The game was Shannon IT/EMR against the Epic people. Our Hospital/Clinic are working on implementing a new EMR system and the new system is called Epic so we have a lot of them here working with us on getting it done right. I guess for team building and for having fun they plan things like this. This is the first one I have gone to. I might go to more but I might try to be the photographer instead. Haha!

P.S. The picture of the pupper is Saya, she was mine and my sister’s dog, but when my sister got married I let my sister take her. Anyway, they bought her a jersey so she can watch the Mavericks game to the fullest. For some reason, when my sister’s husband watches a game in the living room, she wants to be with him and not with my sister, who is in another room watching netflix. I think the excitement gets her excited, plus she has more freedom out there with him. Put she must be picked up during the big excitement times, haha.

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  1. Cat Cat

    I’m glad you don’t have kidney stones! That sucks that you’re still having issues though and that they don’t know why. That also sounds rough that you haven’t been able to go 🙁 I hope it’s not another obstruction and that it gets better!

    I have a studio set up in my dining room too, haha. (I never bothered to buy dining room furniture.) You look good as Misato!

    That’s great that you had fun playing kickball! I don’t think I’ve played in years, but that’d be a fun team outing. Saya looks adorable in the jersey!
    Cat recently posted..Recap: February 2017My Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      Thanks, me too! I’m doing all I can to keep my guts moving and trying to hold off for this whole year. XD
      Thank you, she is a fun one to cosplay but OMG that dress is so short! lol

  2. Amy Amy

    Love your cosplay photo shoot! I’ve had “professional” cosplay photos done a couple of times and it was so much fun. You look great!

    Sorry to hear that you’ve not been feeling well. Hope things get better and you don’t have to deal with that again. And last time I had blood in my urine I was told I needed to get an emergency doctors appointment. I was fine in the end, but they took it really seriously.

    Glad you had fun playing kickball!

    • ongaku ongaku

      Thankies! I wouldn’t really call it professional unless you mean studio set up. haha. I guess since mine was traces and small amounts of blood they didn’t freak out as much or something. Shrugs

  3. It’s good that you don’t have kidney stones, but royally sucks about your intestinal/stomach issues. My mother has IBS and she said there are times she is completely miserable. Mag Citrate is completely terrible, bleh. I had to take it for some digestive problems last year, and the taste was, well, I can’t find any nice words to describe that taste lol.

    Your cosplay pics are amazing by the way! I don’t know HOW you find anywhere nice in San Angelo to take them, but huzzah for doing so! I heard they’re building a lot again, though. I’m moving back really soon thanks to some ridiculous drama up here with my sister in law that I am, frankly, too old to be entertaining. Too much drama and I don’t have any interest in it, lol.

    I’ve never actually done any professional cosplaying, but I can definitely commend you for taking the time to do so! o.O

    • ongaku ongaku

      Haha, yeah it is like drinking super salty sprite or something depending on the flavor. DX
      Thank you 🙂
      Yeah, so many new things coming up and destruction of older buildings. Got a Canes, new Chick-Fil-A, suppose to get a new HEB, Panda Express and I recently heard about a Firehouse Sub… we shall see.
      Well, this wasn’t professional, just a studio set up with friends, but I love going out and doing non-con photo shoots. I’m usually pretty tired after it though, haha.

  4. Kya Kya

    Wow, that sounds really awful. I hope that you can find out what the problem is soon. Blood in the urine doesn’t sound that good.

    That sounds like a great idea to make some videos. I am sure it would be really great for anyone suffering from the same illnesses. Or even as a way for those that aren’t to understand them a bit better!

    The cosplay photos are great! 😀

    That is really good you took part in the game. 🙂

    Haha, that is so cute that the dog likes the game and gets excited. 😀 Go team!

  5. Thankfully you don’t have kidney stones – I bet that is a relief. <3 But blood in your urine is definitely a sign that something is wrong, I hope that they find out what it is and solve it as soon as possible. Sending positive vibes your way <3

    I love your cosplay, it looks SO CUTE. You always cosplay so well, I'm envious of people who can completely change up their look like that. I think even if I did cosplay, I'll still look like me! So well done 😀

    Kickball sounds fun! 🙂 I'm glad that you took part in it!
    Pauline recently posted..March, For MeMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      It is, for sure. Thankies ♥
      Haha, the power of makeup. I’m sure you could do it. 🙂

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