In the hysterical realm

Do you ever start writing a blog post and then a few days later you decide to change almost the entire thing? I tend to do that a lot. It might be why I take so long to post something these days. I hate having boring and rambling blog posts so I write something so that I can come back later and be like WHAT WAS I THINKING?! It also helps with the proofing if I do this.

I’m going to make some short bullet points for this blog entry since I don’t have any big stories to tell.

  • My diet has been neglected lately. It is mostly because I can’t work out due to being in a bad flare still. I haven’t gained any of my weight back, which I’m proud of. Once I feel like I can get back on the elliptical I’m sure I will start losing the pounds again.
  • I plan to try the Keto diet this time. My friends have been doing it with success. Of course, I also got to watch out for my FODMAP triggers.
  • My health has been a big downward spiral and it is getting upsetting. I feel so weak and want to sleep all the dang time. My legs feel like lead and the muscle spasms and cramps are getting out of control. It is a real drag when I can only manage going to work and can’t do any other fun stuff afterward. I hope this passes soon. I’m still waiting on my appointment for the neurologist.
  • I’m planning a new cosplay and I should have it ready sometime in June or July. My dad gave his approval to let me use one of his electric guitars for the photo shoot so I’m looking forward to it. This is one thing that is keeping me from falling into complete depression. Something to look forward to doing. The cosplay is the character Alice from Anonymous Noise. (picture shown on left)
  • My instagram got hacked. Thankfully Hiro alerted me to this quickly and there was only one post made that wasn’t me.
  • I’ve been listening to old songs again. Some that are actually older and some that are ‘old’ because it is what I listened to when I was much younger. (Examples: Old Time Rock & Roll – Bog Seger, Nobody Loves You – Garbage, Bad to the Bone – George Thorogood, Bad Company – Bad Company, King of the Road – Roger Miller, Danger Zone – Gwen Stefani, Headstrong – Trapt, Eye of the Tiger – Survivor,  and much more) Have you listened to these songs recently or loved them at one point? BTW, the title is from the song Cherry Lips by Garbage.

That’s it! Nothing much to say this time. Hopefully I will have something more interesting to post next time. Love you lovely blog buddies ♥