It’s time to get serious!

Seriously back into my diet and exercise! πŸ‘ So yeah, because of all the different medications and health issues I have become an uncomfortable weight for myself. I really need to lose 15-20 pounds to start feeling better about my body. This is a daunting task for me right now because of my questionable body limits. I mean, for the love of… I was out taking pictures in the cold a few days ago and for one photo I sat on the ground to get a different angle and when I used my left arm to help lift myself off the ground my wrist screamed in agony and continued to hurt for the rest of that day! 😑😑 I didn’t use all my weight on it, and wasn’t even on it for very long – it was just a little push. I could joke and say, stupid wrist I’m not that fat! However, I was taken by surprise so all I could do was get mad especially because it made taking any more photos that day impossible without pain. πŸ˜°

Still, those photos were fun to edit once I got home. Luckily it was not my right wrist that was hurt. I got a few decent shots. I’m not much of a landscape photographer so this was just me farting around because of the sudden drop in temperature that made the trees have frozen droplets on them and the lake had lots of fog or steam or whatever you want to call it because of the contrast between the heat of the lake and the cool temperature of the air. If you are on my facebook you might have already seen these. 

I got my first paycheck on this new pay raise. πŸ€© It was around 200-300 more on the check, which is helpful. That means almost 600 more a month. Yay! It doesn’t make me loaded but any bit helps with all my financial trouble. (Thanks a lot, stupid hospital bills!)

Now that I got the little bit of money I can go to the grocery store and get some healthier food. I need to eat mostly fish, poultry, and greens. When it comes to drinks I need to find things without much sugar if any, but for the most part, I will be drinking good old water. I know I can do this. I went 9 months once without drinking soda. Cooking is fun for me, I enjoy it, but my health will get in the way so I really need to work on food prep for those bad days.

While dieting sucks, I have a lot of good recipes and practice with eating healthier so it won’t be really hard. The hard part is the little bit of exercise I want to try and get. I use to be able to spend 45 minutes to an hour on the elliptical machine. Now, I think I’m going to have to start with 10-15 minutes and hope it doesn’t hurt me too bad. I don’t just mean because I’m out of shape. I get bad leg pain just from walking across Walmart too fast.

I dragged the elliptical machine back into the house so I don’t have to join a gym or go to the one provided by the place I rent from, cause I’m lazy and hate leaving my home to work out – heh. 

This brings me to my re-modeling of the guest room, which was once my work/paraphernalia room. I decided to take down all the anime related stuff, except the cosplay photos of me and my friends. No more posters, no more hanging plushies… I moved the figurines to the dining room to give that room space for the bed and the elliptical machine. My computer and manga bookshelf will stay in there though. I need to go to the store and find a decent decorate picture to hang or maybe some wall decals. I also really need to get a box frame for the bed because right now it is a mattress on the floor. LOL Once I get it all done then I will take pictures and do a video tour of my home. β€β€

My next few blog entries are going to have some of my favorites recipes with pictures of my food included in them. I hope it turns out well and I don’t get lazy. Lazy really needed to be my middle name though. πŸ€£πŸ€£

Also, last but not least, I’m working with a friend from work to get a new cosplay video made. It is one that I have wanted to do for awhile but never had time because of lack of help. This friend has knowledge in doing videos so I think it will be fun. I will give you a hint, the cosplay with be a Euphemia from Code Geass and the song will be from Enya. This is another part of the reason I need to diet. I’m not sure I can fit in my dress anymore, haha!