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Joined a Gym – 21-Day Tummy Part 3 (Soup)

So… just as my title says – I joined a gym. It’s been a long time since I have joined one so it was pretty intimidating. My first day was spent all on the treadmill and I ended up being on it a lot longer than I thought possible. The second day I decided to do some of the elliptical but then something scary happened. My heart rate went over 210! I stopped right then and rested and then called my doctor the next day. They had me come in right away – thankfully the EKG and blood work they did all came out fine so he put me on a baby dose of a certain kind of medication, told me to check my pulse and write it down 2-3 times and day and see if it helps my fast heart. After all, it was staying over 110 at rest. Just slight walking would get it to go up to 140+.

I’ve been on it for over a week now and though my heart rate isn’t perfect it is much better, staying below 100 when I’m at rest (usually in the 90s). I’m thinking the longer I’m on it the better the results. I just have to make sure it doesn’t mess up my blood pressure. I’m still going to the gym and just being careful. I don’t want to pass out. I even started to do some weights so hopefully I can get some upper body strength. xD

The 21-Day Tummy Diet plan is still being done, though I’m probably not going to do the actual plan. I just want to learn the better foods and start to substitute for when I make my own meals.

It weird, but when I broke my diet on one day I got really sick so I vowed to never do that again. I guess once your body gets a taste of good food it out right rejects the crap. Ramen made me throw up and soda made my reflux really bad again. Well, it is great incentive to not be bad because I’m happier when I feel good.

Which brings me to a new recipe I want to share. This is a soup that I tested out and really liked the flavor.

Curry Chicken Soup
1 TBS plus 2 TSP of extra-virgin olive oil
2 TSP curry powder (onion and garlic free)
1 TSP chia seeds
4 Carrots cut up or sliced (however you like them. I happened to used baby carrots instead and just cut them into small pieces since I like my carrots not soggy.)
1/2 LBS of greens beens (I’m not sure what kind they want to use but I always just use a can *lazy*)
1/2 teaspoon salt (I’m not even sure if I did this… lol)
4 cups low-sodium chicken broth
2 bone-in skinless chiken breasts (I found this ridiculous and more work than worth. I had already cooked chicken tenderloin and so I shredded that up and used it. It is easy to cook those and faster. I just cook them on stove with low heat – each side for 3-4 minutes with a lid over them to keep them juicy. I tend to cook them with lemon pepper but it is all up to personal preference.)
2 light spreadable cheese wedges (I don’t know but I found this part gross the first time I made it so I left it out the second time. However, I did serve the soup with the cheese on the side because it had a good taste while eating it. I just hated having the swirls of floating cheese in the soup)
1 TBS chopped and unsalted peanuts (I left this part out too. I’m not a big peanut fan but if you are the go for it.)
1 TBS chopped pumpkin seeds (Gawd NO THANKS, they want to put pumpkin seeds on everything and I just can’t stomach it for some reason)

This sounds scary to make but it really taste 10-15 minutes tops and then you have a tone of soup to last for awhile or to share with a group of people. The only part that might take time is if you didn’t already have cooked chicken but like I said about the tenderloins – that speeds up the process.

First I just take the big pot I plan to make the soup in and put it on a medium heat. I add the curry powder and chai seeds and cook for 45 seconds – or not even that long because it makes a wonderful smell to let you know it is done. Then I toss in the carrots and green beans and salt and stir until coated well.
Then it is just time to add half a cup of the broth, cover, and simmer for 5 or so minutes. I just don’t like to do it long because I like carrots with their slightly sweet taste and crunch to be somewhat intact. Sounds weird but it actually makes the soup have a good punch of flavor. I was complimented by my mom on doing it that way – she loved this soup.

Then I just add the rest of the broth (which usually is just the whole dang box that I buy lol) and dump in the chicken. I let it cook until is had a small simmer then I serve it.

Now, after that I’m done but if you like you can then add the peanuts and pumpkin seeds – but it only when you serve. Don’t put it in the cooking pot!

Tada! Curry Chicken Soup

2 thoughts on “Joined a Gym – 21-Day Tummy Part 3 (Soup)”

  1. Wah, 210 is high! I’m glad the EKG and blood work came out fine though. I hope the medicine will continue helping too.

    I experienced something similar to when you broke your diet. If I eat healthy for a while, eating something unhealthy will hurt my stomach and make me feel sick! I guess that’s good motivation to stay healthy, haha.

    The soup looks good and that’s nice that it doesn’t take long to make 🙂 I don’t like cooking chicken, so I tend to buy a rotisserie chicken and just take it apart. Saves so much time!

    I hope the 21-day tummy diet plan is going well!
    Cat recently posted..March so farMy Profile

  2. Oh whoaaa, be careful. That’s one pretty fast heart rate there. I hope that your medication & diet helps with controlling your rapid heart rate. It always helps to meditate & just relax. Maybe try a sauna after you work out at the gym or take a yoga or pilates class. Those should reallllly help with reducing stress & what not. As for healthy alternatives, it’s easier than you think & I hope that you find really good ones so you don’t get sick again.

    Complex carbohydrates like yams are good, good sources of protein like nuts, fish, soy, & mushroom, & of course, everyone’s favorite vegetable these days: kale. I’ll have to incorporate more healthy recipes onto my website, but that incorporate kale haha.
    Tiff recently posted..Giveaway + Vegan Sushi Roll RecipeMy Profile

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