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Just a few short updates

I have a couple of blog entries I’m working on but aren’t ready to post because I’m waiting on results and other things. For now, here is a simple update on what’s been going on with me and yada yada.

First, cosplay progress! I’m getting ready to cosplay Misato from Evangelion, Nel from Bleach and Alexandra from Kuroko no Basket. Misato and Nel are both complete so it is just about the time I have to do the photo shoots. Alexandra is almost complete, just got a finish a jacket and get a wig to style. I’m in a hurry to try and get some shots done soon because my sister will be moving to a new town by the end of the summer, possibly sooner. ):

Here are some test shots of me in Misato and Nel – no wigs for these tests.

misato-test2s nell-test1s

Honestly, I was a little nervous about the Nel one. I’m working out my stomach again – after two years of not stomach muscle thanks to my surgery. It really rough and painful but I’m determined. A lot of my medications seem to be making me gain weight too easily despite my diet and exercise. It is a struggle. You might be wonder, where are my scars? Well, I had makeup on and then I kind of cleaned it up in photoshop. The makeup actually covered them up well though.  The Misato dress fits perfectly but it was shorter than I expected – haha. Oh well. I swear, my body is not portioned well, I’m all top and no bottom. orz

Now for something kind of random and out there. I’m not sure how I stumbled on this but apparently Cardcaptor Sakura is getting a new serialization. In this series Sakura will be a middle schooler now not an elementary student. It starts on June 3. I’m probably really late on finding out about this though. I’m not as big a fan of CCS anymore but it brings like memories, like Sailor Moon does for many people. 🙂

Anyway, I will try to get my more interesting blog entries done soon. One is about sleep studies and the other is about products I use for makeup and hair – daily. Until then!

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