Looking Back – 2018

I never thought I would be doing one of these. The reason is because I’m bad at remember back through the year. Things usually just merge together in one big ball and I have to think real hard if it was 2018 or maybe that was 2017. Haha!

I decided to give it a try and do my best by working them into categories.

I’m growing out my bangs again! It isn’t often you see a picture of me out of costume.


  • I have been working in my new position for well over a year now. Which is an EMR Analyst instead of an IT tech. I think I was moved over to this position back in October of 2017 but I was official on paper a few months later.
  • That was a huge ordeal of course. I don’t remember if I went into great detail on my blog but I had to go to Employee Relations and file a complaint about the unfair treatment I was getting.
  • Things are going great now. I love my job and my new boss’s are great!
  • I think I will be staying here for a good amount of time before I try applying for an application position. I really feel this spot is good for my health and mental state.
My new work space. A little cubicle but I make it mine. Ignore the pill bottles. haha


  • I was able to do some new cosplay photo shoots! Even with a new photographer. I didn’t have any new outfits exactly but got some good photo shoots of costumes that needed it.
  • Sadly, the new cosplay outfit I talked about many times that is complete won’t be getting a photo shoot done in 2018. I hope to cosplay it soon though, it isn’t really an appropriate outfit for the warmer season. haha!
  • I got my first Cosplay Fan Signs as well. I never knew this was a thing but it is pretty cool. I got mine from a cosplayer named Charles. You can find him on Facebook.



  • This was the big one. While it didn’t come to much of a shock at this point I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was told I might have it back in 2017 but it was this year that a neurologist put me through the ringer and finally officially diagnosed me with it. This did not affect my life much when it came to how I felt because I had been feeling pretty back for a year or two before this diagnosis. It just took a toll on my bank account.
  • My treatment consists of a medication called Lyrica and a diet/exercise plan. The Lyrica helps with the muscle spasms and makes the over all muscle and ligament pain tolerable or possibly I should say manageable. Before the Lyrica I was even having trouble walking.
  • I went full blown wheat free about 3 months ago and plan to keep this up for a long time, if not forever. I feel a huge difference not eating wheat with my stomach problems. I’m hoping the longer I stop eating it the better I will feel maybe even help with my Fibro symptoms. My doctor wants me to try and do an Anti-Inflammatory diet as well to help heal my fatty liver and possible other things however, I’m going one small step at a time. Being wheat free is hard enough. Here are some yummy gluten free things I have found.
  • As for the exercise. I’m just working on stretches and possible a little bit of yoga. I got for walks and try to get up and more more at work. I will also do a bit of stuff on my elliptical at home if I’m feeling well enough. Also a little bit of light weights to help keep my muscle strength in my arms.


Random Stuff

  • I froze my butt off getting a picture of the lake when it was really cold outside. It looked so pretty I couldn’t help myself.
  • I started to take pictures of my anime figures to learn and practice with my camera more. I want to try and do other things in the future.
  • I took a trip to the Sonora Caverns with my mother just to get out of San Angelo on a mini vacation. It was a lovely time.
  • I also went to a Micheal Jackson impersonator show. That was a fun time.
  • I have been addicted to lots of Webtoons. Heh My favorite apps are Webtoon, TappyToon, Lezhin, and Tapas.

Honestly, I really hate this new block system on wordpress. I can’t seem to manage my format the way I want. So, sorry for the way to pictures and stuff look. I will get this figured out eventually and then WordPress will probably change it again. Gur.

Anyway, here is to 2019! I hope everyone has a good one. 🙂