I almost lost my domain!

So, I had quite the scare a couple of times. Let me start by saying Suddenlink deleted my email account. Yeah. Just ‘poof‘ gone… I tried to sign in when I saw that my Gmail couldn’t connect to it. This caused so many issues because I had several accounts tied to that email including, PayPal, Amazon and apparently my domain registration site. Because of this, I had no idea that singingaway.net was close to expiring until one day I check my website and there was no website. 🙀🙀 Thankfully I was able to move fast and change this before I lost the domain for good. 

The other scare I got was after letting my computer do some Windows updates. I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea. I let it run in the morning and when I got back from work all I saw was a black screen. 😿 I rebooted the computer but it just got stuck at the windows logo. I rebooted again and saw it was trying to complete its updates. I thought, okay at least it is trying, but four hours later it was still trying at only 35%. I had to do a restore point to get the thing to come on and even then it took forever. My computer is getting up there in years but it’s a good computer so I think I’m just going to buy parts and upgrade it, new motherboard, graphics card, case… I can keep the hard drive and just reformat it because it is fairly new. I just got to save up the money to do it or buy a part at a time, haha.

Which kind of sucks because I need to get a new stereo for my car, the cheap one I replaced is already going out. 😣 I can’t stand not having music in my car when I’m driving around. I guess I will be playing from an external player in the meantime. Why can’t money grow on trees? haha

On my health, the doctor put me on some samples of Lyrica. He had me titrate up on the medication, starting at 50mg a day and working up to 200mg. At first, it was going okay. I had some of the small issues with it but they didn’t last or get severe. However, once I had been on the Lyrica 200mg a day for over a week I started to feel more pain and having other issues that were making it hard for me to work. I decided to go back down, slowly, on the medication. 

I saw my doctor about it on Friday and he recommending going a little slower on the medication dose. So I’m going to be on just 50mg a day for a month and if I feel like I can have more later he will prescribe it. You might be thinking, Hey – it gave you issues, why are you staying on it?! Well, the thing is, it was helping with some stuff. It stopped the tingling I had in the back of my head and the random zaps I was getting near my bottom. It also calmed down the twitching of my muscles. When my doctor heard this he immediately said he isn’t completely on board with my diagnosis from the Rheumatologist about having Fibromyalgia. So now he is referring me to a Neurologist to get my nerves tested.

The worst news I got from my doctor was that he is leaving. 😿 I finally found a doctor I like and trust and he is leaving town. Sigh. He will be around until about August so he is still going to see me for a bit. When he leaves he is referring me to a female doctor he thinks I will be a good fit with. I hope so. It is scary having to adjust to new doctors.

Anyway, time for some good news. I went to a Micheal Jackson Impersonator on the 8th. (I know, I’m late mentioning this!) I took my mother because I thought she might like doing something like that. At first, we thought it was going to be really lame. The stage was small and we were just in some kind of bar. However, the performer did a great job and kept us entertained. His name is Danny Dash Andrews. I will be editing some of my favorite parts soon, for now here are a few pictures.