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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yeah, I know it is a little early but I probably won’t make another post until after the New Year… probably. I can never tell how I’m going to feel or what is going to happen. Anyway, I thought I would start off by saying – I was negative for my test on RA! Yay! The bad news is now we get to play a guessing game on what is wrong with me. The doctor put me on celebrex to help me with my joint pain and stiffness and so far I think it is working. I still have some pain though and my muscle and nerves still hate me (the muscle twitching has got to stahp!) but it is nice to get some relief from the morning stiffness and really bad pain in my joints. I’m really hoping it is the medication anyway and not just a good spell. I’m going to stay on the meds for at least 6 weeks to really try and find out.

My mother got real bad sick over the past month. It got bad enough she went to the E.R. and that is where they found out she had C.Diff. So she was hospitalized under safety precautions (C.Diff. is contagious) for a few days. She is already out and seems to be doing much better. I’m glad for that but I hope she continues to take all her meds and be good because it can always come back. It’s an aggressive infection.

I had a pretty decent Thanksgiving despite the fact that my mother got sick. I was even able to cook a turkey for the very first time the weekend after Thanksgiving that was a hit with the family. I worked hard on that bird. Brine him for almost 20 hours, cut out it’s backbone and butterflied the sucker (OMG that was some tough work) and roasted him in my oven for about an hour. He came out perfect! I wasn’t sure how it would work out cause my stove/oven is so old and meh. You might have seen pictures of my bird on instagram and facebook if you follow me on any of those.

Also, the weekend before Thanksgiving my friend and I finally got together to make our Christmas Video – Cosplay style (of course). We decided to make a silly one as Kallen and C.C. from Code Geass. Check it out –

Speaking of Code Geass… can you believe it is getting a season three?!! WTF? I’m sort of excited and sort of scared. I loved Code Geass for the first season and then when the second season happened my love started to drop. I didn’t hate it but it felt like a lot of the main flow of the story just changed. It is hard to explain. Almost like the original plans of the story got changed real fast and re-written not very well. Still, Code Geass has a lot of good memories with it so I will watch the third season with an open mind. Especially because I didn’t mind finding out Lelouch is not dead. I always kind of hoped he wasn’t. Yeah, I was one of those. 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and and Happy New Year. I’m going to be lazy this year because I’m poor. Maybe I will just be the cook for everyone since I can’t afford gifts. Man! It will be awesome when I can be done with my medical debt! Of course (cause I’m a realist) by the time I do that I will probably be poor from a car loan when I have to get a new car. orz The car I have right now is an old 2003 and while it has been good to me I’m not that optimistic about it lasting much longer.

One last thing before I go. I know that a lot of my problems right now are from my own doing. I have not been behaving with what I eat and drink. So my New Years resolution is to get back on a strict diet for at least 3 months to clean myself of all the build up. It won’t be easy but I have done it before. In fact, the first week will be the hardest because that is when I was be the most strict with just greens, chicken, fish and water. No other food. Wah! Wish me luck!

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  1. I guess that’s fine 😀 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year right back at ya! <3
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday, too! ^^
    Michelle recently posted..Crazy NightsMy Profile

  2. Kya Kya

    I hope you have a really great holiday season and are feeling a lot better soon. 🙂 I also hope that your mom is feeling better too. It is always really hard when people you care about become ill.

    I am sure that you will be able to do the diet. Maybe think of it more of a lifestyle change with the foods you eat. 😀

  3. Amy Amy

    Hope you find out what’s going on soon. It can’t be easy to have all those tests and still not know what’s happening. Hope you’re feeling okay!

    I need to start eating healthily again, also. I’ve really slipped-up this past couple of months. So much chocolate and pizza, really not good for me. Good luck sticking to it!

    Enjoy your Christmas and have a great new year, too!
    Amy recently posted..Christmas Songs That Need to DieMy Profile

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I think being a cook is the best present because everyone loves food, haha! All of the great food is one of my favorite things about the holidays! Best of luck with your new goal and I wish the best for you in 2017!
    Becca recently posted..Hey there, 2017My Profile

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