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Merry Christmas!

It’s been a long time since I made a new post. Everything I think I’m going to be more active somethings causes me to MIA. orz

Today is my last day on vacation. *sad face* I had a nice vacation but it would have been better if I hadn’t been sick the last three days of it. I have that kind of luck. Thankfully it was after my trip to San Antonio, Texas. Did some Christmas shopping there but mostly spent the time getting things for myself since I wasn’t able to have any real vacations this past year. I had a little extra spending cash thanks to the awful days of being on call. Ug.

I almost have all my Christmas shopping done though. Just got to add one small gift to someones pile and get something for my puppy (of course).

I’m contemplating getting a new cat too. This will probably happen when I know I can take some more time off so I can get some one on one time with it. I really want one but I’m also really scared because I have been fighting all sorts of sickness that I don’t want to add more stress. Still, I really miss having a cat even though I love my Saya.

Anyway, as for this being a Christmas post!


Then last but not least, been really watching my Korean Dramas again. I go through my moods on those things. I have finished a few more to add to my collections such as The Heirs, The Master’s Sun, and now I’m working on Good Doctor – which is proving to be interesting so far but some things about it make me roll my eyes. I mean, I work at a Hospital I know every one can end up being a jerk but maybe the problem with Good Doctor is the fact that I feel like they spend way too much time with the politics of it all. I start to feel extremely bored. I want to see more of just the main character and the helping of sick people not the management stuff. Puh

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