My Birthday Month!

Yes, I’m claiming a whole month! No, not really, but it sounded cool. XD As the title suggests, my birthday is in August. I’m not exactly thrilled about it because once you get past a certain age it just becomes a drag. I will be turning 31 on the 7th. Wahoo! Survived another year. Honestly, age doesn’t matter to me but it really does feel unrealistic that I’m in my 30s. Maybe it is because I have never truly grown up.

Not a lot has been going on. Well, that is a lie, a lot is going on, just nothing interesting to you guys. My job has been interesting and it is starting to get real just how busy I’m going to be. I can’t say I’m not nervous but I’m also kinda of excited for all the change. I’m someone who really likes change. If something stays the same too long for me I go crazy.

Anyway, I just have a few things to share so I’m going to make it quick.

First, my health… I will not know if my per-cancerous cells are completely gone after that cryosurgery until sometime in 2018. Probably around April is when I will find out if it truly worked. However, if I keep having to do procedures I’m going to have to ask my doctor to refer me to a doctor that is at the hospital I work for. Apparently the doctor takes my insurance but the damn hospital she works for does not. What this means is people like lab techs and so on so forth are not covered under my insurance. I have gotten two 300 dollar bills from them in the span of just a few months. I can’t afford that crap. Our system is so totally fucked up and I’m sick of it.

My other health issues are the same as ever, I have been running low grade fevers off and on for the past two months. My doctor is not really sure why, he did some blood work and it showed the usual, that I have chronic inflammation, but the readings are not so high to cause immediate alarm. I guess all he can do it continue to monitor my blood readings every 3-4 months. I’m okay as long as I don’t get worse. It sucks but I’m use to fighting chronic problems I do what I can to get through it. Honestly, even if my doctor wanted to do more we both don’t have the time because of our jobs. LOL He is the head of the doctors training for the new system and I’m going to be a provider trainer. I don’t have time to do tests and crap right now.

This brings me to my job. I started my training to be a provider trainer for the new system. I was worried it wasn’t going to sink in but this system is surprisingly easy to me. The hardest part is going to be explaining it to providers who get easily confused. Mostly because there are several different ways to do one thing, so if they get shown one way and someone tries to help them do it a different way… well I think you can see where I’m going with this. I already thought that the changes between single click and double click was going to screw people up and I was right, the doctor doing the presenting at the class was already messing that part up. Haha

Now I’m just waiting for my official title change and pay change. It has sucked that they kept putting it off but I’m trying to be good and not make too big a fuss. Still, sucks that I got used to take over the old clinic EMR system and continue my help desk roll, yet my pay did not change. Sigh. I can’t really go anywhere because this town sucks and there would be no other job that would even pay me as much as I’m getting now. Sad. Very sad. I would have to move to Fort Worth or Austin or something. I’m not ready for that change. I got too much debt to finish off, haha.

To finish this post off, more cosplay pictures! This time I cosplayed Alexandra Garcia from the series Kuroko no Basket. I had a lot of fun cosplaying her. Her outfit is simple but I feel a bond to this character. She is bad ass for one thing, the other is she is Spanish American. I might not be full blooded but with my last name of Aguilar I have Spaniard blood.

The photo shoot only took us about 30 minutes. We were going to do a lot more but I got attacked by bees and forgot my epipen so we had to run away. We thought about going to a different location but then my eye started to hurt. FYI, never buy fake eyelashes from sephora. They are total shit. My eyes where killing me and they didn’t even want to stay on!

The funny thing about this shoot is I’m so blind! The glasses I’m wearing are reading glasses so I could hardly see anything. It was a miracle that any of my balls went into the net. Still, we got some good shots for the short period of time we did this. Hopefully we can do more in the near future.