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My Genes and more…

So, I finally did it. I finally purchased a Gene Kit from 23andme.com. If you have never heard of that you should definitely go check the website. The send you a kit to collect your spit (eeewwww) and you send it back so they can test it. They will then give you several reports such as your Ancestry, Wellness, Traits, Carrier Status and so on so forth. It’s not a cheap kit, so it took me several months to finally decided to do it. I tend to do that for pricey things. I look at it over and over for months and if I’m still really interested after a good amount of time, I go for it. Ha!

So I got my kit in a few weeks ago. Did the nasty spit part – I made sure I was really hungry so I could produce that much spit – and then shipped it back. It can take up to 6 weeks to get the results back so I’m guessing it will be sometime in May when I get the email with my results. I can’t wait to find out since I know next to nothing about my dad’s side of the family.

In the meantime I have been helping their database with providing information about myself through a bunch of questions. Certain illnesses and medication and stuff. It is a long list of questions but I usually have nothing better to do. 😛

Sorry for my lack of posts and visits lately. I don’t really have an excuse except that I was on call last week and have been trying to be a bit more social the weeks before that.

I’m back to being broken though, I’ve got shin splints! At least I think that is what they are. I might have to go to the doctor to get a note to wear tennis shoes until they are healed. I try not wear bad shoes to work but I guess I’m not successful. I never wear heels at least.

Honestly, I’m not sure why I’m having such leg pain. It started off hurting more on the upper part of my legs, almost as if I have done over 100 lunges. I chalked that up to reorganizing my DVDs – thinking I must have been crouching too much when doing it. However, that lasted only a day or so and then it was my shins screaming at me. I can’t believe how weak I am! WTF! So my shins and ankles hate me the last few days.

I’m trying not to walk much at work and I have been icing them 15-20 minutes every 4-6 hours as best as I can. It’s a little hard to do at work though. I read that it can take weeks to heal so I’m pretty bummed. DX

Had to go to my yearly visit to the OBGYN on Monday and was really hoping they would not have to do another biopsy but unfortunately they found another weird spot and took a chunk of my insides to send to labs. I’m not really worried about having cancer but OMG it sucks waiting for those tests results and getting that test done. It makes you feel like you are having period cramps for a day or so. Blah!

One last thing before I go – I promised after a certain amount of time I would go over my feelings for the AfterGlow cosmetics I bought a while back. You can see the review at HERE.

So, while I did not hate AfterGlow Cosmetics I did not feel overwhelming happiness over them either.  However, there are a few products that I bought from them that I have been using every day now.

Organic Infused Pure Soul Mascara (Onyx) 24$ – This is the only mascara that does not make my eyes burn. Finally! I think it does the job to give that little bit of length and thickness without looking clumpy and stupid. I don’t wear mascara every day but when I do I always reach for this one.

Organic Infused Lip Soothers (Zen) 9$ – While I love this product and use it every day I was VERY disappointed with how it held up. The stupid thing started to melt just from the heat of my lips. I had to basically reshaped it to be more like a chapstick to keep it from breaking off completely. I love using it but because of that I’m not going to buy it anymore. Not when I can find chapstick that is good enough for much cheaper.

Perfecting Under Eye Concealer (Meringue) 29$ – While I have been using this everyday, I’m not sure if it is all that much better than a regular concealer. I do like how light it is and since it is going under my eyes it makes me feel better to have it be all natural but I will probably not buy again for the price.

Organic Infused Blush (Tickle) 26$ – This color is lovely! Perfect for when I’m going for a more natural and sun-kissed look. I will probably have this blush for a while though because I tend to wear my makeup more pinkish and pale than I do with contouring and bronze. It is pretty though.

What I didn’t care for much was –

Organic Infused Lip Love Lipstick (Afterglow) 24$ – Ugly color, hardly showed up and just all over blah for a lipstick that cost so much.

Organic Infused Calm Cover 29$ – Tiny AF for being a calm cover. I did not like that at all. I need more product to keep my face from looking like a tomato. I also did not like the way it held up in the day. I was red and looked cakey.

Organic Infused Foundation (Bisque) 36$ – I think I just hate powder foundation. I don’t like the way it lays and I don’t like the way it covers. I would look at myself in the bathroom at work to see how it holds up and just look on in horror at how cakey and powdery I looked. I have issues with t-zone oily skin and this did not hold up to it at all. Blah! I will only use this product when I’m needing very light cover to do something real fast – like go to the grocery store in sweats. LOL

In the future I plan to post a review about some of my favorite makeup products. Some of them a little pricey but a lot of them are drugstore brands. I’m a cheapo like that. 🙂

12 thoughts on “My Genes and more…”

    1. LOL! Wow, that must have been back when it was slightly cheaper. I could never spend so much and then not do it. 0_0

      Thanks, my shins are doing much better already. 🙂

  1. I have heard of things like that and they sound so interesting. It would be so interesting to have a DNS analysis of your ancestry and more. Hopefully you don’t have to wait too long for the results. 😀

    That would be really awful trying to deal with the pain. Maybe you should check in with the doctor and see why or what can be done to help manage it.

    Ahh. That would be scary waiting on the results. :/

    1. Yeah, I can’t wait to find out the results.
      My doctor has an appointment with me in two weeks to get my blood tested again. He has to make sure my thyroid isn’t going out of wack again. It could be the cause of all my aches and pains. We shall see.
      Ug, yeah I’m not all that worried but having that loom over my head sucks.

  2. Hope your feeling better soon! Shin splints don’t sound very nice at all. I hope that gets better for you!

    Good luck with your results as well. Those sorts of appointments are always so uncomfortable – it can’t be nice to have the tests done each time as well. Hope you’re doing okay!
    Amy recently posted..Life Catch-Up: Sci-Fi ScarboroughMy Profile

    1. It really blows. When I went in and the doctor told me if she didn’t see a new spot she wouldn’t torture me, but it was like a second later she was like um, yeah sorry, there is a new spot.
      FML lol

  3. The Gene Kit sounds really interesting! I haven’t heard of 23andme before.

    Sorry to hear about the shin splits though 🙁 I hope the leg pain goes away soon. That’d suck if it really took weeks to heal.

    I’m glad there were at least a few that you liked from your AfterGlow cosmetics order! It’s too bad that you didn’t care for half of them though, especially at that price. Aahh, it can be hard to find make-up that works out sometimes.
    Cat recently posted..April so farMy Profile

    1. Yeah, I can’t wait to find out what my results are. 🙂
      It went away after about 3 days of icing them every 4-6 hours. That was a drag but it was such relief to have them go away faster.
      I have learned my lesson on that. I’m still a makeup junkie but now I just go to Ulta in town – no more online buys.

  4. Ow wow! I’ve never heard of 23andme before, and I didn’t even realize that they could do that kind of thing with a spit sample. But I guess with all advances in technology and everything it makes sense, but that’s really cool! I’m kind of similar, except I know my dad’s side of the family but I don’t know much about my mom’s. Even then, I can only say my dad’s family was German at one point, but I don’t know details other than that.

    I’m sorry to hear about the various health problems. I’ve never had shin splints, but I can only imagine how painful they are! It’s good that you’re taking care of yourself as best as you can. I hope you feel better!
    Becca recently posted..A Letter to me at 18My Profile

    1. Yeah, it’s crazy isn’t it!?
      I know my family on my mom’s side has a lot of Irish – enough of it that one of my cousins is a red head. My dad, however, he is Hispanic but there has to be more to it because they have green eyes and are all very tall. Not normal for Hispanic… so maybe Spain decent or something. Who knows.
      Thank you, those shin splints are finally gone. 🙂

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