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My, how the time flies…

It’s been a while since I have made a post here. There has been good reason. First of all, let me start by saying I have lost up to 10 pounds. It was 12 at first but I got a few back. This sounds like good news but actually it was not planned. It was because I was put NPO (which means no food or drink) for 5 days! Yup, I was put in the hospital and I was in there for 9 days!

March was a really hard month for me and it ended with being admitted into the hospital. I was having a lot of health issues. I thought – at first – that I was eating bad so that is why I started all the diet and exercise. I don’t plan to stop doing those things, once I’m healthier again, but it turns out I had something physically wrong with me. In the month of March I started to have a lot of bloat and pain. Three weeks of the bloat and pain and I realized… oh my god… I wasn’t going to the bathroom!

My doctor tried the over the counter things with me first, to see if we could get me to go. When it didn’t work he put me on the drink they give you before you get a colonoscopy. When that didn’t work, well, my doctor got really concerned. At first he thought I was horribly compacted so he decided to just admit me for observation to get tests done. The first test – which was a CT scan – showed something really wrong. In fact the doctors seemed puzzled by it. They decided I had something called intussusception. That is a problem that is common with kids 3 years and younger but very rare in adults. It’s a serious disorder in which part of the intestine slides into an adjacent part of the intestine.  Think of it like a telescope when you fold it up. So they decide to put me into exploratory surgery.

Problem was, they were not going to be able to do laparoscopic surgery on me. Laparoscopic is the new way they do most surgeries so you have a small incision and less pain. I had to do my surgery the old fashion way but the doctor said he was going to try to keep the incision as small as possible. It ended up being 6 inches, but I think it will heal up nicely. I’m going to do my best to have minimal scaring so no sun for me and lots of Vitamin E lotion.

Turns out that my problem wasn’t exactly intussusception but a part of my intestine had scrunched up like an accordion and it ended up being a very large part. The doctor had to straighten it out and put material around it to hold it that way for a while until it dissolved.

It was rough, like the doctor promised. Nine days in the hospital felt like torture, especially since I wasn’t able to eat for 5 days and then was stuck on liquids for 3 more days after.

The good thing about all this is I might finally be cured from my worst suffering and illness. The doctor said he was 95% sure that was the cause of all my problems. I just hope it doesn’t try to do that too me again. I’m going to stick with eating healthier and exercise though, so that should help.

In other news – about the house hunting – I decided to just take over my sister’s fiancee’s apartment. So they don’t have to pay an early release and  I don’t have to feel pressure into finding a home real fast. That way I don’t rush into buying something I really do not want. I hate the idea of an apartment but I have gotten use to it. I know it won’t be permanent.

One of my domains is finally gone and another one is on the way. and are going bubye. I don’t use them anymore and if I wanted to set up another portfolio I would just use has another new look. It took me a long time to finally get off my butt and find something that worked for me but I finally did it.

Um… yeah I think I will end it there. I don’t want this post to get over board. I hope to post again soon. Later!

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  1. I’m glad you’re out of the hospital now! 9 days is a long stay! I hope the surgery really did cure most of your problems. That’ll be nice to be rid of them and to know what really caused them 🙂

    That’s a good idea to take over his apartment since it’ll give you more time to find a new house. Good luck on the house hunting!

    I hope you’re doing well after all of that!
    Cat recently posted..Weekend ProductivityMy Profile

    1. It most certainly is! I had no idea I would be that long, he told me it would be 5 days at the very least but still…

      Yeah, I’m hopeful. It is good to finally not be bloated and able to go to the bathroom.

      Thank you. I’m slowly getting better and I think I’m doing good being that is is 3 weeks since the surgery. XD

  2. Oh my! I’m glad you’re alright now. Take care of yourself~

    About house-hunting, I just moved to a new place too, it’s really a lot of work. I can understand how it must be really hard to find a good place. And I also think it’s a good idea to just take over your sister’s fiancee’s place too. It’ll be less hassle for you.

    And lastly that’s totally unrelated to your post, would you mind affiliating with me?
    Euri recently posted..Liebster Award IIMy Profile

    1. I’m certainly trying, going back to work slowly.

      I’m so not looking forward to moving. I feel like I just moved into the home I’m in now and I’m going to have to pay for an address change on my drivers license again! wah!

      Certainly! I will add you as soon as possible. XD

  3. Wow, that’s a long time to be going without food or drink. At least the problem was sorted though, and fingers crossed it doesn’t come back again.
    George recently posted..Mocktail ManiaMy Profile

    1. Tell me about it. I’m wondering how I survived it. 0_0 Yes, hear is to hoping I’m all better now. XD

  4. Hihi! I’m glad to hear you are ok! Although it must have been a terrifying ordeal, I think it is good that you found the problem and was able to get surgery (though you having to go through the old fashion way is a bit surprising to hear). It’s always the worst to have pains/symptoms and not knowing what is wrong and that you can’t even fix it. Take it easy ^^

    I imagine house hunting is something that should not be rushed. It is nice now that you can take over their apartment, how long do you have until you have to renew the lease? Hopefully that gives you plenty of time 🙂
    Jessica recently posted..No spring break for me ~My Profile

    1. Thank you, yes it was scary but I was also happy that something was found so I could work on getting better.

      i know, right? When he told me he was going to have a regular incision I was like… aawww man, that figures. orz

      I’m doing my best to take it easy. Going to work for half days only already though.

      Yup, it is such a pain to house hunt, and even a bigger pain to do all the paper work and stuff when you buy one. I have 6 months, but I probably will renew it again for bit longer to work on saving up more monies and getting rid of my credit card debt. orz

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