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My job gives me surprises

I guess working for a hospital can have some cool surprises – though most of the time it is just exhausting. We got a call from the surgery floor that the monitor in Heart
RM 10 was not working. So I got volunteered to go take a look at it. I had to suit up from head to toe which make me feel like the stay puff marshmallow man. I thought I was just suiting up because it is a sterile room but it turns out that they had someone on the table in there!

So I got to see an actual beating human heart still in someones chest! They let me in to look at the monitor, which turned out to not be something I.T. could even fix. Before I left, they asked if I had ever seen a human heart and let me come around to the table to look. I was all over that, I wasn’t going to say no since it is a once in a lifetime experience when you’re not a surgeon.

It was pretty amazing. Talk about something I was not expecting to come across today when I got up this morning. It’s a good thing I’m not squeamish. hehe

In other news, I’m going to moving again. I couldn’t stand living in apartments. I found a duplex area that rents them out like apartments. I get to move in on the 5th. I’m excited to finally not be living with several people around me. just be sharing one side instead of all sides and the top of me. The biggest thing I hated about the apartment was having the people on top of me. They sound like King Kong is living up there! orz

I will be sure to post pictures of the place once I get to go inside.

4 thoughts on “My job gives me surprises”

  1. I love your excited reaction upon seeing a heart still inside. I assume you mean while the heart’s still inside, the chest was cut open? Either way, I wonder how I would’ve reacted? Perhaps a mix of shock and excitement? Either way, I can see why this is an exciting experience for you.

    Moving, while tiring, sounds pretty exciting. Best of luck throughout the process, and I look forward to seeing some pictures. 🙂
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    1. Yup, that is what I meant. I was only shocked when I first walked into the room and realized there was a person on the table. I really didn’t think they would want me to come look at a computer during a surgery so yeah… but once I got over that shock it was just a cool experience.

      I am excited but so ansty. I keep thinking about the things I need to remember. Gah!

  2. Whoa that’s pretty neat!! Unless you’re taking an intensive anatomy course, you’re pretty much spot on: unless you’re a surgeon, probably not gonna see a human heart, nevertheless, a BEATING human heart. What a neat surprise.

    I hate living under people in my apartment too. I like my neighbors, but man they’re so loud. I feel you. If you could be on the top floor, all your problems wouldn’t exist.
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    1. Yeah, it really was. If it wasn’t for the super hard work in school it would make me want to go to medical school… lol But I’m too lazy! lol

      Haha, yeah but then I would be nervous for the people below me. I’m too nice like that (haha).

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