My Job

No, this is not going to be a negative post. Despite how crazy it can get I actually like my job for a change. OMG has hell frozen over?! lol

If you don’t know what I do, I work as a Computer Support Tech for Information Services. Long department name huh? Well, we just go by I.T. like most places do. I work on the phone for the help desk. Doesn’t sound much different from when I was a receptionist right? I might have to answer phones but they are usually for me to work on, not just to send to someone else. I get to leave my desk and go all over to help people with their technical problems. When I say all over, I don’t mean just one building. I work for the hospital, the clinic and all the satellites in town.

It is strange because I thought I would work in just web design most of my life. That is what I majored in, but it is nice to be able to be a troubleshooter and take a break from doing websites professionally. As you can see, I’m too lazy to even make my own wordpress theme so yeah… I needed a break.

Anyway, I spend my time either answering easy phone calls (with the occasional stumpers) and logging into computer to fix their problems or I have to go down there for things like printers and so on so forth. I also work on imaging computers and other things like that while I’m on the phones. I keep busy for most of my time. It is rare to have a moment of down time  but sometimes I make sure I have some so I don’t go crazy. xD

The people I work with are great too. They crack me up and help set the vibe of the place to be much more pleasant than a lot of other jobs are.

Here are some pictures of my desk. I like my pink, heh. I’m the only girl so I try to make that very obvious to make the guys role their eyes.


I made those dango’s out of post its – haha. My happy pill is something I need for the crazy days, it makes this really cute laugh that the guys have threatened me over if I played it a lot. XD Of course, on the sides you can’t see is where I have the cosplay pictures. I couldn’t find a great way to hang them so I had to glue them to paper and then use duck take to tape them to the top of my little cubical, otherwise they just fell off. I added some cupcake stuff too – of course. I’m not killswithcake member for nothing. XD

Here is some humor that comes with my job…


That is something my boss wrote. lol

Anyway, not a whole lot going on. Been really tired and still fighting my asthma problems. I see the doctor again this coming Wednesday though. Went and spent too much money on some more TV box sets. It is a terrible addiction but I guess it is better than smoking and drinking. I got Vampire Diaries 4, Walking Dead 3, Big Bang Theory 6, Guilty Crown Part 1,  and Eureka Seven Ao Part 1.

Oh, and on the anime topic. Today a woman who works in Home Health came to the I.T. room to get help from me. She saw my cosplay pictures and asked – is that halloween or is it anime? I was surprised she knew what anime was until she told me her daughter is an anime dub voice actress. It’s a small world, that is for sure. Her daughter isn’t some newb either, she has been in a lot of roles and many of them I knew. I found that to be kind of amazing. Her daughter is Trina Nishimura – who is known most for Mari in Evangelion but she is also in Black Cat – Tanya, FMA Brotherhood – Lan Fan, Ga-Rei-Zero – Kiri, El Casador – Nadie, and many others.

I really wish I had more to say, but since I don’t here are a few cosplay pictures. Euphemia from Code Geass is next on the list.



This is my sister – Laura – as Misato from Evangelion.