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My Job

No, this is not going to be a negative post. Despite how crazy it can get I actually like my job for a change. OMG has hell frozen over?! lol

If you don’t know what I do, I work as a Computer Support Tech for Information Services. Long department name huh? Well, we just go by I.T. like most places do. I work on the phone for the help desk. Doesn’t sound much different from when I was a receptionist right? I might have to answer phones but they are usually for me to work on, not just to send to someone else. I get to leave my desk and go all over to help people with their technical problems. When I say all over, I don’t mean just one building. I work for the hospital, the clinic and all the satellites in town.

It is strange because I thought I would work in just web design most of my life. That is what I majored in, but it is nice to be able to be a troubleshooter and take a break from doing websites professionally. As you can see, I’m too lazy to even make my own wordpress theme so yeah… I needed a break.

Anyway, I spend my time either answering easy phone calls (with the occasional stumpers) and logging into computer to fix their problems or I have to go down there for things like printers and so on so forth. I also work on imaging computers and other things like that while I’m on the phones. I keep busy for most of my time. It is rare to have a moment of down time  but sometimes I make sure I have some so I don’t go crazy. xD

The people I work with are great too. They crack me up and help set the vibe of the place to be much more pleasant than a lot of other jobs are.

Here are some pictures of my desk. I like my pink, heh. I’m the only girl so I try to make that very obvious to make the guys role their eyes.


I made those dango’s out of post its – haha. My happy pill is something I need for the crazy days, it makes this really cute laugh that the guys have threatened me over if I played it a lot. XD Of course, on the sides you can’t see is where I have the cosplay pictures. I couldn’t find a great way to hang them so I had to glue them to paper and then use duck take to tape them to the top of my little cubical, otherwise they just fell off. I added some cupcake stuff too – of course. I’m not killswithcake member for nothing. XD

Here is some humor that comes with my job…


That is something my boss wrote. lol

Anyway, not a whole lot going on. Been really tired and still fighting my asthma problems. I see the doctor again this coming Wednesday though. Went and spent too much money on some more TV box sets. It is a terrible addiction but I guess it is better than smoking and drinking. I got Vampire Diaries 4, Walking Dead 3, Big Bang Theory 6, Guilty Crown Part 1,  and Eureka Seven Ao Part 1.

Oh, and on the anime topic. Today a woman who works in Home Health came to the I.T. room to get help from me. She saw my cosplay pictures and asked – is that halloween or is it anime? I was surprised she knew what anime was until she told me her daughter is an anime dub voice actress. It’s a small world, that is for sure. Her daughter isn’t some newb either, she has been in a lot of roles and many of them I knew. I found that to be kind of amazing. Her daughter is Trina Nishimura – who is known most for Mari in Evangelion but she is also in Black Cat – Tanya, FMA Brotherhood – Lan Fan, Ga-Rei-Zero – Kiri, El Casador – Nadie, and many others.

I really wish I had more to say, but since I don’t here are a few cosplay pictures. Euphemia from Code Geass is next on the list.



This is my sister – Laura – as Misato from Evangelion.

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    • ongaku ongaku

      LOL! My mother knows about it because we get her to watch them sometimes. She complains and says she doesn’t want to but when we watch she gets into it. Haha!

  1. Amy Amy

    It looks like there’s quite a fun atmosphere where you work. I love your boss’s note on the board, haha.

    I love box sets too – I’m forever being told i own too many. I want Big Bang Theory 6!! I missed the series when it was on TV and need to know what happens with Sheldon and Amy!!

    My sister once said to me in front of my mum ‘Oh, you’ll like that girl I know, she likes anime like you do’ and my mum looked confused and just replied with ‘Who’s Anna May??’ Needless to say she is not as clued-in as the woman from your work.
    Amy recently posted..Taking Dating Advice From Me Might Be the Worst Decision You Could Ever MakeMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      LOL yeah it was amusing. Box Set addict unite! I have so many, thought a lot of them are anime.
      LMAO!!! Anna May, that is awesome. XD

  2. Amy Amy

    Hehe seems like your workplace has a good sense of humour and is a nice atmosphere to work in. 🙂 I used to work with a bunch of guys and it’s fun but I didn’t try to incorporate Pink into the room. We were all very geeky anyway.

    I own the whole of Big Bang Series 1-5 and Black Books! They’re both so funny!!

    It’s not always fun working as a web designer (I’m one), if you work for a company then they’ve already established a brand and core for design so there isn’t much to move around and release your full potential in design. Shame really.
    Amy recently posted..Officially a Tae Kwon Do Yellow BeltMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      LOL, well I’m just doing it to annoy them sorta… but then I love putting pink and cute things all around me just to get me through crazy days. I’m ready to decorate it with Halloween stuff now though. Black Books? I’ve never heard of that one. I will have to look into it.
      Yeah, being a web designer is hard work. I love to design and make websites but doing it for four years for people who didn’t understand what my job was and so therefor i was unappreciated… well it got old so I needed to move on and there aren’t too many options for jobs as a web designer where I live. I still have my portfolio up and doing freelance for people from time to time for a little extra bucks.

  3. That’s not the kind of job I want to have. I’m happy with my webdesign and graphic design business. But I’m like you, I’m too lazy to make my own theme. It’ll come one day…
    Denise recently posted..BuddismMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      LOL I sometimes miss my web designing job.. well not the job I had but I miss making websites. I have my freelance side up but I have been avoiding that lately too. I’m a puzzle solver and I was good at math so I like this tech job, plus the extra labor is giving me some muscles LOL

    • ongaku ongaku

      Thankies, I want to put more but i’m trying not to go overboard. lol
      Yeah, thankfully i haven’t had a job that made me absolutely hate it but this one is one of the better ones for sure.

  4. Cat Cat

    I think it’s great that you like your job. I love webdesign, but some clients can totally take the fun out of it, haha. I’m glad that the IT field is working out for you!

    Your desk looks so clean and neat! Being in IT sounds like it can be pretty hectic, but that’s good that you get down time sometimes. We actually make a software for IT pros, and we hear a lot of crazy stories from our users.

    That’s cool that the woman’s daughter is a voice actress! It sounds like she’s been in several popular series.
    Cat recently posted..September busy-nessMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      That is so true! Though the sad thing was it wasn’t so much the clients that burned me out (though they did count) as it was just the company that I was working for. I may do it again someday… or maybe go back to school to learn even more, perhaps go into programming or something.

      Thanks, yeah it is at times but I still like it for some reason. I guess I’m just crazy. LOL, that is awesome what you do. I always kind of had an idea but that once sentence just clarified a lot of what you do for me.

      Nods, it surely is a small world. ♥

  5. “As you can see, I’m too lazy to even make my own wordpress theme so yeah… I needed a break.” — I can super relate to this one. This was me months ago! But then I told myself, maybe that’s not the kind of break that I’m needing. Haha! And wow, your boss just opposed what he wrote in there. Funny!

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