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New Home, Yay!

So, I don’t know which post I mentioned this in but I finally moved! I hated living in an apartment – those 6 months where very long! lol I moved to a duplex instead and it is so much more quiet. No more people living on top of me. I promised some pictures once I got a little settled. I almost have everything the way I wanted it but I have a few more things to hang up.


This is the living room. One angle, though you can see my bedroom from this angle. That other door is the one that leads to my backyard.


This is where you can see the dinning room and living room is just one big space. I love my new music notes decoration. Excuse my badly organized DVDs. I have yet to put them in order.


You can see the kitchen from this angle. I didn’t take any pictures of the kitchen alone because… well I have mouse traps and stuff in there and the tile is a mess! I think the place I’m renting from is planning to replace the tiles after they do the roofs. I have WAY more kitchen space and cabinets now though and a huge laundry room. It is awesome!


The bedroom, my closet is huge. It goes in a long way and one part is for close while the other part is for shoes. It works perfectly for me.


Love my new picture on top of my bed. It finally went on sale at Hobby Lobby so I snatched it up. Look, my cookie pillow! I need to make more of those. haha


TV! lol Of course I had to hang up my jewelry tree as soon as possible. Um, the door with the mirror leads to my master bathroom.


Nerd Room! I mean… Computer Room! Yea, this is the room that has my computer, cosplay, manga, and sewing stuff. It’s got lots of stuff in it.


Yup, like I said, lots of stuff. Hahaha I still need to put up my shelves for all my figurines.

I really like my new place. The only scare I had was the dumb mouse. It came out because of my Rye bread. Once I put that away and put out the traps he has yet to come out and now they have sent in their pest control and filled up the holes so I should be a good for a while.

It’s not a surprise since I’m living on the outskirts of town, near the lake and fields.

7 thoughts on “New Home, Yay!”

  1. That’s great that you found a duplex! I know what you mean about how noisy apartments can be. It always feel like a lottery of whether you’ll get good neighbors or not.

    Your new place looks really nice! I like your wall decor 🙂 Hopefully you won’t have any more problems with mice!
    Cat recently posted..The foodie tripMy Profile

    1. Yeah, apartments are evil in my opinion. lol

      Thank you, it is always great when you can find things to hang up for cheap prices – you just gotta be patient. However, you can tell that a girl lives there. LOL

      UG, yeah stay away mice!

  2. Congrats on your move! I can certainly see the benefits of moving from a regular apartment complex to a duplex. While you don’t get the fullest privacy as you get in a single home, you’ll still be living in peace by comparison. The interior design is wonderful. Hope the mice problem goes away for good.

    Love the new layout! I see we both got ours from the same designer. 😉
    Agent Q recently posted..Mistakes: Just Another Hands-On LearningMy Profile

    1. Yes, it is 10X much better than an apartment, especially when you are lucky and get a neighbor that is quiet. XD

      So far so good on the mouse issue.

      LOL! No wonder I liked yours too. Great minds think alike!

  3. Yay congrats on moving into a new place! Looks very cozy & it also looks like everything is settled in. Wish I had a jewelry tree…definitely need one of those. Your shelves look very very organized! I don’t know what you’re talking about the DVDs not being organized!

    I have a mouse problem toooo. He came out because I had a bag of trash sitting in my apartment (roomie moved out, took her trash can, left a bag of trash, trash attracted mousey, mousey popped out, very cute but not welcomed). So yeah traps everywhere as well…but hasn’t come out. These mice…they’re smarts.
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