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November 18, 2012

This one is a high priced one! I want to buy a new Nikon camera. I love my D40 but I’m ready for an upgrade. I plan to purchase a Nikon D7000 as seen in the picture above. There are many reasons I want to buy this camera.


1. I’m ready to update from my basic Nikon camera.
2. I want a camera that can do a little bit of video.
3. I would like a camera that cleans it’s own sensors of dust and stuff. (OMG you have no idea how scary that is to do manually!)
4. There are more things I would like for my camera to be able to do.

Of course, I plan to save up for some other lenses, especially vibrate control and a non-zoom. I’m really wanting to make this photography hobby be my main hobby for when I get to old to cosplay (haha orz) and because webdesign has become my profession and not my hobby now. Got to keep myself motivated!

An online friend and convention goer gave me some good tips to keep try of the money I earn for this little baby.

Two tips:
1) Have a chart (paper, whiteboard, or what have you) with a vertical measurement displayed where you can see it. For every $50 or so, have a prominent marking, so you can see you’re that much closer to your goal.
2) Have a change jar to fill at the end of the day. If you can get your friends and family to tip in, so much the better. At the end of the week of when it’s full (whichever comes 1st), empty it out and count it towards your goal.

Which is a great start! I also plan to put a small amount of my paycheck money into my savings account so I don’t touch it, as well as any money I get as gifts (since Christmas and such is coming up) will all be put aside for this purchase goal.

Wish me luck! XD

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