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Nightmare On My Street

Welp, it is my favorite time of year… Halloween! Haha. Well, and fall too but in West Texas you don’t really get a fall. When I was out to buy my new Halloween decoration of the year I got the worst surprise. I could not find any of my previous Halloween decorations. You see, when you are poor, you buy a lot of cheap stuff but one good item every year until your collection gets really awesome. This was a hard blow for me. I had some great stuff and that box is just gone. My theory is that I put it in the storage room that my grandparents have been clearing out. I thought I got all my decorations out of it before they started to just dump things but I guess I missed that Halloween box. So yeah, while digging in my outside storage all I saw was Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas. It made me hate it more. Ha!

I went ahead and spent some money to replace my strobe lights. That was a must… but there were a few items you can’t even get anymore such as much huge spider web light. They sell some at Walmart but they are only 4 feet. The one I had was huge, bigger than me! I also ended up losing some things I made by hand. The only Halloween decorations I found were my cute ghosts that some young boys said look like something for Christmas… haha, brats. Maybe if I change the color of the lights behind them it will look more Halloween. orz

Anyway, I will take pictures once the decorating is all done. You will see them on facebook, instagram and possibly twitter.

I made a new Cosplay video for Halloween.  It wasn’t the best video I’ve done, mostly because you can start to see, in face, that I’m not feeling all that well. Also, it was done all by myelf, no help with filming or setting up the backgrounds. Click on the image below to go to the video.

My issues are seeming to slowly get worse and worse and I’m not sure what to make of it. My doctor is finally sending me to a Rheumatologist, but I’m a little nervous about it because the only one we have in town I don’t have a good opinion of him. I’m afraid he will just blow me off like I’m faking. My blood work always shows small bits of things, like elevated CRP and SED rate, but never very high. Now, I got a high reading on my Uric Acid which makes no since to me unless my kidneys are trying to fail on me… I don’t drink, I hardly ever eat red meat (I’m a chicken girl), and rich foods are not my thing because of all my stomach issues. Plus, if my joint issues were gout you would think that my smaller joints would hurt more first, but the stuff that is making it hard on me right now is my hips.

I had to get steroid shots just to be able to walk normal again, the pain was so bad. The newest problem I had was a tremor or shake of my hand that I could not control. It happened when I was doing something small, like picking up a soda can, or holding a paper. It was quivering really fast and I could not stop it all day. I was weirded out by that one because I had not taken any of my asthma meds nor have I taken any new meds. I was also not tired, I had slept plenty and that was the first store I went too when I first noticed it.

Then one more bad thing has been going on. My grandfather keeps getting put in the hospital, which is really scaring me. I’m super close to my grandparents on my mom’s side. I really hope he can recover for a few more years.

I feel useless with how weak I am and not being able to help as much as I would like for my grandfather being in the hospital. I do what I can though, taking the dogs out, spending time with my grandmother so she isn’t alone, visiting him so he knows he is loved and cared about… If I had more energy I would be cooking for my grandma and so on so forth. I’m glad my mom is at least there for them for a lot of it.

I’m sorry this entry turned kind of depressing. I actually have a lot to say on other things but I’m going to keep that for a different entry. XD To end off on a good note though, some personal favorites…

Current Obsessed Song: Highway Tune – Greta Van Fleet
Current Obsessed Soda: Vanilla Coke Zero
Current Obsessed Anime: March come in like a Lion & Welcome to the Ballroom

I’m going to try to do something like this at the end of each blog entry from now on. It might not always be the same categories though. 🙂

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  1. While I’m enjoying the cooler weather, which is amazing, because you KNOW we never get cool weather out here, I also wish it would pick a damn temperature fo sho! Also, it getting closer to christmas is a bit…”meh”…it’s not that I hate christmas, but it’s basically taken over all of after summer months in stores.

    I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather. I REALLY hope everything looks up for you soon! Just keep your head up.

  2. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN, freaking Texas especially in DFW isn’t even cool yet and I’m telling you that 70 isn’t cool but should be normal temperature. XD I am sorry about your health issues as I am too trying to treat some of mine and get things figured out. Let us hope we figure out something 🙁 Health issues suck big time. I saw that about your grandpa and reached out a few times. It makes me sad because I no longer have any grandfathers on both sides only grandmothers.

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