Ochitsuki going in a new direction!

I have been so lazy. It took me forever to get this site all changed up when it really shouldn’t have, plus I keep putting off this post. It also didn’t help that I came down with Strep Throat and then a cold. Being sick makes me even more of a procrastinator. XD

Anyway, this is now my blog and my site collective. I wanted this site to seem more active and I didn’t really need to have my blog on a completely separate domain. Right now I’m using a free template but I will be making my own sometime in the future. I do know how but when there are so many cool free ones why should I bother when I’m so crunched for time? lol

I don’t have a whole lot to say right now but I do plan to actually start blogging again. I want to blog about anime, books, photography and other things again. I want this blog to be more of a photoblog. I also plan to use this place to talk about what is going on with my websites.

Ulquihime.net is still in the plans for closing but I might even just close the whole site down and not worry about putting it on a subdomain. This all depends on if I want to bother with coming up with a new name for the site and changing it on the layout.

I plan to work on getting Aguilarstudios.com back up soon.It just figures when I put it on Hiatus someone seems interesting in hiring me. orz

I plan to clean up Zeki-Love.net as well by getting rid of the french section and making a cleaner layout. I also need to clean up the Fan Fiction Archive since FF.net is going around and deleting stories again. What a pain in the butt.

Sorry for the boring post. I hope to have some interesting photography posts soon. Once I get well enough to get back in the pool for the underwater shots.