OMG I’m 33!!

Yup, another birthday came and went. I had a nice birthday despite getting older (hehe). I didn’t do anything big but I got some nice gifts and a few days later I spoiled myself to some delicious crab. I also decided to dye my hair back to a black color. This time I went with Black Raspberry. I do like Blue Black more but this color is a nice one so I’m not sad about it. I will be happy when the color washes from my scalp better though. Right now it looks like I have a bad sunburn on my scalp. I wonder if anyone will notice the color change. I hadn’t dyed it in so long that my natural color was out, but my natural color isn’t super light it is more of a dark brown with red. I don’t dislike my natural hair color but black looks better on my skin in my opinion. I have pale skin and greenish eyes… well a mix between brown and green. I guess my eyes can change the color depending on what I’m wearing so sometimes I wonder if they should just be called hazel. I think that is why people always thought I was wearing colored contacts.

As for my gifts, my family gave me money so when my ankle is better I plan to go out and use it. XD I started PT with the ankle, actually I did one day of PT then canceled it because there was no way I was going to spend 100 dollars a week to have them put a heating pad on my ankle and send me out the door in 15 min. Ha! I did get the exercise instructions though and I am doing those at home because I want to get better. I feel like I’m already a lot better, not much pain mostly just stiff as hell.

My friends Isaac and Sally spoiled me with a bunch of Anime Box Sets. They got me Black Lagoon, The 1st and 2nd season of Bungou Stray Dogs, and Yuri on Ice. Isaac also got me some cookies made by a co-workers of ours that makes sugar cookies as a side business. She is super talented! They are so yummy and look like major art! It is almost too sad to eat them, except I love sugar cookies and can’t say no. She made my Birthday cookies look like sushi! Yum!

Also, on my Birthday I went to lunch and came back to my cubicle being all decorated. I thought that was sweet of my co-workers. I feel like I finally found the job where I can fit in and get along with everyone. While no job is perfect, I’m just glad to really like the people I work with.

Anyway, now that my Birthday is over I’m ready for August to end. I’m so tired of this summer heat and the bugs! I can hardly take it anymore. orz I don’t really want the weather to get freezing but I’m ready for it to be back in the 70s and 60s. Then I won’t die of heat stroke every time I get in my car.I don’t know why I didn’t think more about having a black car with all black interior. It get so hot that I have to put a towel down on the chair to keep from burning my ass. I guess I was just happy to have a new car even though I have had to fix the driver window and some kind of engine fluid leak on it already. 0_0 My luck with cars is not the greatest. At least this car doesn’t make me fear for my life like my last one, when it kept pulling me.

Tomorrow I see my neurologist and I’m a little nervous. I don’t think there is much more he can do for me but I feel like I need to let him know how my symptoms have been lately. I’m extremely fatigued and the random attacks of intense pain is getting old. I just don’t want him to put me in more test hell. I already have a 800 dollar bill with the hospital and a 2,000 dollar bill with the creditors. I really can’t do anymore! If he says blood work, I will do that…

Speaking of blood work, my job’s wellness test is coming around the corner. There is no way I’m going to pass it. I’m over weight and been sedentary due to my ankle injury. I bet my glucose and triglycerides are off the wall… don’t even get me started with my waist line. Let’s just say, I have more work cut out for me when I’m healed. I’m really unhappy with myself right now. I know the medications I’m on make it harder but being without exercise for months has really ruined me. At this point, 20lbs won’t even be enough but it will be a good start to lose. Sigh. At least this way the doctors can actually believe me when I said I worked out in the past. LOL