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A New Look!

So, I had my last template for many many many years and thought it was time for a change. I wanted to go with something very simple. Funny thing, even though the template looks simple it was a complete bitch to install. I had to do a lot of updating to my website, including updating the PHP. 

Anyway, the image on the left side might change but for now I chose to use the preview close up of my Anonymous Noise cosplay of Alice. I hope you like the new simplicity of this site. I really just wanted to feature the blog and not have a lot of distractions on the sides. I might tweek things here and there as time goes on. 

So, first of all – my tests! If you read my last entry you know that I was getting many tests done, blood work and so forth, so that they could completely diagnose me with Fibromyalgia – which is a diagnosis of exclusion. They wanted to be sure it wasn’t something else. Now, I know there are probably way more tests out there but it is good to be getting a good chunk of them done.