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Fibromyalgia for the New Year

December 30, 2017

I’m bringing in the new year with a possible diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, what could possibly go wrong? Ha. So, I finally saw the Rheumatologist. He told me he didn’t think my joints where the problem. I had started to feel that way too since the pain was changing on me so it wasn’t a surprise to hear that. He said it seemed more muscular and nerve related and that my joint pain was actually the muscles around the joints. Then…

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Dear Santa…

December 11, 2017

It seems I’m making a habit of having a post once a month. Ug. I’m a terrible blogger. I would like to think I could post more like I use to but when you have body aches, joint pain, and fatigue all the time it makes it hard to want to come and sit at my computer after work and make a blog entry. I see the Rheumatologist the day after Christmas and I’m nervous as all hell. Mostly because…

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Time for Thanks

November 13, 2017

Halloween is over so we are to now give thanks for Thanksgiving. 🙂 First, I’m very thankful for the fact that my grandfather made it through his horrible ordeal with being sick and in the hospital for over 2 weeks. He is doing much better now, he is back to walking on his own and doing little things here and there. Slowly gaining as much strength as an 80+ year old man can after that ordeal. Before I get more…

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