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Updates on Health

Using a new layout already, as you can see. I didn’t like the way the other one messed up my back-end look. This one is more fluid. I really need to stop being lazy and start making my own layouts. I’m still slowly working on Panikku, though not much more progress has been made. A lot of the reason is because of my health. I haven’t had the energy to come home and get on the computer after working all day. I’m also working on changing the look of KillsWithCake so that doesn’t help my progress on other things.

Saw my doctor for my Hospital Follow Up. He put me at the end of the day so he could spend some time trying to figure out the next move. We went through a list of things we have already done and things we have yet to do. He wants to try a few more things before resorting to more surgery, which is fine with me. I don’t want to have to go back into surgery or the hospital for that matter.

The rest of this post is very medical about the colon so if that kind of stuff bothers you, turn around now.


Health, Projects and more…

I went back to the hospital. This time my stay was only over night. I woke up on Wednesday morning in a lot of pain. For the past few weeks my stomach issues had been creeping back. The doctor had me take all kinds of things to try and help but the last one ended up hurting me more. So my doctor admitted me. It was awful.

I didn’t not get to sleep in the 24+hrs I was there, nor did I get to eat. He put me on liquid diet and tortured me with medication, that nasty CT drink (yeah got another CT scan done), bubble gum enemas (OMFG these are awful), magnesium citrate, a painful shot that burned like hell in my stomach, and Go Lightly (which should be call Drink Me Until you Vomit).