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My Job

No, this is not going to be a negative post. Despite how crazy it can get I actually like my job for a change. OMG has hell frozen over?! lol

If you don’t know what I do, I work as a Computer Support Tech for Information Services. Long department name huh? Well, we just go by I.T. like most places do. I work on the phone for the help desk. Doesn’t sound much different from when I was a receptionist right? I might have to answer phones but they are usually for me to work on, not just to send to someone else. I get to leave my desk and go all over to help people with their technical problems. When I say all over, I don’t mean just one building. I work for the hospital, the clinic and all the satellites in town.


Short Vacation

Lies!! I’m a freaking liar!! *sigh* Sorry about that, I was on a role with the blog writing and visiting and then stuff happened… Well, nothing bad – at least – but it just kept me busy or too tired to sit at the computer and blog.

I got to experience my first time of being on call. Of course it was the day they updated a major program for the hospital and so many thing went wrong with it. I got a phone call twice every hour on that day. Thankfully I was just on call for one day – which was Sunday. The rest of the week was crazy though. We were flooded with phone calls on issues we couldn’t really fix. Plus one person was out on vacation so it made for an very interesting week – to put it mildly. lol

Thankfully, I was going to be off for 5 days the next week. I just took three days off the work week so I could save up some of my vacation time for later.