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Singingaway Posts


So… I was bored these last few days and thought about going to check out a lot of websites I haven’t been to in awhile. It brought me to the ugly realization that all the people I use to ‘mingle’ with on the internet are pretty much gone or off doing something completely different. I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked. It has been years and I left that world myself to work more on cosplay and photography.

It is sad though.

I miss a lot of my internet buddies, even on LiveJounal it has been kind of dead. I suppose I should go and be more active with communities that look alive and just start over but… yeah I don’t know if I’m that dedicated anymore.


Vampire Knight Ending

I know what you are thinking – Ashley! This is late! I know… I have been a terrible blogger. I work with computers all day and when I get home the thought of getting back on a computer kind of makes my eyes role up in the back of my head.

Before I get started I will let you know I am a BIG Zero fan and an even bigger Zero/Yuuki fan. I don’t like Kaname – I really tried to but couldn’t. So if you love Kaname you will probably get really angry with my post. I’m not trying to diss people who love him. I’m not trying to start a fight so please just move on if you feel offended. I’m simply stating my opinion on the story as a Zeki fan. Thanks! (stating your opinion is fine as long as you aren’t out right being ugly though)

Anyway, Vampire Knight is now over. I have mixed feelings about it – that I have gotten out over LiveJournal, either on the community or on my private account. As an avid Zeki fan – if you couldn’t tell by my website – I am slightly happy that Yuuki ended up with Zero in the end.

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