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Post Birthday and Other Events

Warning!! This blog post is picture heavy!

So, Tuesday was my 32nd Birthday. It is hard to believe I’m that old sometimes. I mean, I know being in your 30s is still considered young (unless you’re under the age of 25 haha). It is the time for me to be thinking more about my skin and using products to help keep it looking good (well as good as it can get). 

I had a very nice birthday though, despite going to work and despite having to have a MRI of my head on that day. I got to eat Kobe Beef or also known as Wagyu Steak. Honestly, I feel very spoiled by that because that small steak piece was over 100 dollars and I can’t believe my friend bought me one. 0_0 It was super good though. Very tender and just melts in your mouth. The last bite was the saddest. LOL


A New Look!

So, I had my last template for many many many years and thought it was time for a change. I wanted to go with something very simple. Funny thing, even though the template looks simple it was a complete bitch to install. I had to do a lot of updating to my website, including updating the PHP. 

Anyway, the image on the left side might change but for now I chose to use the preview close up of my Anonymous Noise cosplay of Alice. I hope you like the new simplicity of this site. I really just wanted to feature the blog and not have a lot of distractions on the sides. I might tweek things here and there as time goes on. 

So, first of all – my tests! If you read my last entry you know that I was getting many tests done, blood work and so forth, so that they could completely diagnose me with Fibromyalgia – which is a diagnosis of exclusion. They wanted to be sure it wasn’t something else. Now, I know there are probably way more tests out there but it is good to be getting a good chunk of them done.