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Gothic Lolita October 2014

My Semi-Halloween themed Lolita photo shoot. I just wanted to experiment with lighting and check out my new wig and eyelashes. It made me feel like a different person.

Ruben&Laura's Wedding

Ruben and Laura Brown's Wedding. These are not all the pictures I took of the wedding, just some of my absolute favorites.

Sweet Lolita April 2013

Did this small shoot just so she could wear this outfit and I could practice with my new camera. It was fun being able to do whatever we wanted instead of keeping to one theme like we do for cosplay.

Mother's 50th Birthday

For my mother's 50th Birthday my sister and I decided to doll her up a bit and take some nice pictures of her. She was always feeling in the dumps and I think this made her feel beautiful all over again. xD

March Shoot 2010

On the very first warm spring day of the year I got my sister and friend to dress up cute but casual to go out on the town and take random and silly pictures.

Christmas Shoot 2010

This is a simple Christmas theme with the three of us taking on different themes. I was a Snow theme, Brittany was a present theme, and Laura was a bit of Gaga theme.

Murder Theme Shoot

One day we were all feeling very jaded so we thought it would be fun to take some pictures of us going crazy and killing each other. I hope to do something like this again in the future.

Slumber Party Shoot

One day the three of us decided we were really bored so we would take some pictures of us having a slumber party. The pictures started to get a little crazy but it was still super fun all the same.

Sarah's Pregnancy Shoot

A friend of mine wasn't feeling all that pretty while she was pregnant but me and some other people wanted to prove her wrong by taking some good pictures of her. I think they turned out well and she was happy so that is the most important thing.