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Please don’t fail me now car!

Guys, I seriously feel like Firestone is good at ripping people off. My car fan problem has been fixed but they told us I had a small leak for the anti-freeze. I thought that was strange because the car never gave any indication that was going on. No light, no hot air (except for when parked due to the fan being broken). I thought maybe it was a very slow leak when they said this and just ignored it. However, today I saw the light on my car for the first time. Anyone else think that is fishy? To me, it seems they might have either did damage to it and tried to act like it was always there or when they were working on it they made a leak (that was small) bigger and didn’t own up to it. It is an old car. I just never trusted Firestone by how much they charge and when they did my brake work my brake light came on when it never did before and now I’m pretty sure my emergency brake doesn’t work.

Thing is, every time I try to take my car somewhere else I just get thrown around. I HATE dealing with car mechanics. RAWR

At least the fan part is fixed now. If I have to keep putting anti-freeze in it, so be it.I’m not going to spend the money to get that part fixed on a car that is seeming to bleed me dry on funds. It will be nice when I can finally afford a new car.

As for my health, I dodged a bullet so far and somehow didn’t have to go to the E.R. I had been having burning, pain, loss of appetite, major bloating, and slight nausea for a good 7 days. I have lots of stomach issues so some of that doesn’t seem abnormal to me, but when it was lasting that long I started to get concerned. I went to the urgent care and the doctor was trying to get me to go to the E.R. for a more thorough check-up. I just told her I would if I got even worse or saw blood. They did a bunch of blood work on me and made me do the HPylori test. Of course, all the lab work was normal. So, more money wasted! I’m just glad I didn’t go to the E.R. when she told me too. I’m feeling a little better now but I’m still extremely bloated. If it gets bad again I will just call my PCP and see if he wants me to go to the E.R. After suffering with a partial blockage before and not knowing the cause it makes me just a little bit nervous.

I made jokes to my friends that if I have to go to the E.R. I would have to start a GoFundMe page. LOL

Somehow that joke turned into something very very very sad when we started to say – Yup, GoFundMe the American Health Care System.


America needs some serious help. orz 

It’s sad how my coverage sucks when I work for the damn hospital. lol

Speaking of work… here is my hole in the wall desk space. This is where I spend a huge chunk of my life, heh.

I finally got around to decorating it a little with some pictures and stuff. The poster was a gift from some friends. They bought it thinking it was Madoka (hahaha). It’s actually Sakura from CardCaptor Sakura. Works out for me, I love the show. ♥ It brings back good memories. I like how my corner is way in the back against a wall. It is a nice little spot. The only bad thing is sometimes people look over my cubicle and scare the crap out of me. Only the taller people though, haha!

If you wonder what I do it is absolutely nothing! Ha! JK I would go nuts if that was the case. I use to be a Help Desk Tech, but now I’m a Help Desk EMR Analyst. What is the difference? Pay for one… The other is I deal more with the electronic medical record and not with the actual computer as a whole. I’m also a trainer for the doctors on the dictation system. Which is also my responsibility for when it has issues – troubleshooting and stuff like that. I might still answer phones but the nice thing about this new spot is I don’t have to worry about doing hard labor to fix things anymore. Which is great for my health issues.

And now, for my two comic recommendations. My last one had comics you had to eventually start paying for so this time I’m doing free ones. Both of these can be found on WebToon.

I Love Yoo – Yeah, it is a love triangle type of story. Hear me out though, this one is unique in the fact that the girl is not interested in either of them and the pace is nice and slow. It’s also hard to figure out who she might end up with. It also isn’t just about a romance (though there is some nice fanservice artwork, hehe). It’s more of a drama than a romance, with a good portion of comedy. The female lead gets involved with two brothers who couldn’t be more different, one seems like a total ass and the other is super nice but already has a girlfriend. The nice guy is just trying to be her friend for some reason. Anyway, there is a lot of mystery such as, why did the female leads mother leave her with her dad and take her sister. Also, why did her mother not want anything to do with her? Then, what is with the relationship between the brothers. Is the brother’s mother really nice or is she up to something evil? What happened between the female lead and one of the brother’s girlfriend… so many questions! The author is dedicated she is pushing through despite health issues. WebToon

Bastard – Not for the faint of heart! This is a horror comic. A pretty good one too. The great thing about it is that it is actually complete! Wahoo! This story is about a wimpy looking boy who has a huge secret, his father is a serial killer. He eventually meets a young girl whom he likes and decides he will stop at nothing to protect her and keep his dad from getting a hold of her. I don’t want to say a lot to spoil the secrets it holds but if you must know it has a decent ending. It isn’t some horrible comic that has a horrible and sad ending. Webtoon


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  1. Testing to make sure my spam blocker isn’t breaking things…

  2. Oh I DESPISE 97% of mechanics! It’s so disappointing that there are very few shops that are trustworthy and honest, ESPECIALLY when you’re a woman. It’s like they see us walk in and dollar signs are flashing above our heads! Finding a good mechanic is like gold. I’d suggest looking some small local shops on yelp with great review. Big companies are usually too scammy!
    Also, so glad you’re feeling a bit better. That’s another thorn in the side with terrible medical coverage. I work in the education system and mine is crap too. But you’ve got it way worse since you’re in the middle of dealing with these health issues. So many good vibes being sent your way from us!

    Susie |
    Susie | Mile High Dreamers recently posted..The Perfect Plant Based Protein ShakeMy Profile

  3. I’ve never had to deal with car issues, thankfully – I’m sorry yours has been giving you grief!

    I’m glad you are feeling a bit better. I actually got stopped up once and was diagnosed with a full colon – I had to do a complete cleanse. I was very bloated and I felt a lot of pain in my abdomen, at the same time I felt really constipated, so it was relieving to find out what was up. It was also super relieving when I was cleansed out.
    Georgie recently posted..Can online therapy work for you?My Profile

  4. Oh my god. I totally know what you’re saying about car issues-we can’t even pass it and it isn’t worth fixing due to how bad it is. It was a hand me down car from my brother in law and he destroyed it along with his rowdy kids-my nephews most likely.

    Yeah, I have great insurance and they expect me to meet a deductible and they only give a certain amount of funds to us and it never lasts the whole year as I constantly go to the doctor to doctor for my mental illness.

    Still, I know how frustrating all this can be.

  5. Cat Cat

    I’ve always heard bad things about those major car mechanic chains 🙁 I go to a local place and have had good experiences so far. Car issues are so frustrating though!

    Oh no, sorry to hear about the health issues you were having. I’m glad you didn’t have to go to the ER, but that’s worrisome that the issues lasted that long. I hope it’s nothing major and that you feel better soon.

    Ah! That CCS poster! Is it this one?
    Lowah is one of my favorite online artists, and I actually bought the same poster for a friend, lol. I follow I Love Yoo too, and I’ve been liking it! It’s better than I expected!
    Cat recently posted..The declutter house tour, part 1My Profile

  6. I feel like any car place likes to rip people off. It’s ridiculous how they try to charge you so much money over seemingly little things. I am sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well. At least the results were normal – it’s better to be safe than sorry. Sending you positive vibes!

    Nancy ♥

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