Post Birthday and Other Events

Warning!! This blog post is picture heavy!

So, Tuesday was my 32nd Birthday. It is hard to believe I’m that old sometimes. I mean, I know being in your 30s is still considered young (unless you’re under the age of 25 haha). It is the time for me to be thinking more about my skin and using products to help keep it looking good (well as good as it can get). 

I had a very nice birthday though, despite going to work and despite having to have a MRI of my head on that day. I got to eat Kobe Beef or also known as Wagyu Steak. Honestly, I feel very spoiled by that because that small steak piece was over 100 dollars and I can’t believe my friend bought me one. 0_0 It was super good though. Very tender and just melts in your mouth. The last bite was the saddest. LOL

I got lots of nice gifts as well, such a the Black Butler Book of Atlantis movie and a figure of Sebastian himself. (I’m going to have to take some pictures of it soon) Same friend who got me the steak got me those as well. I’m going to feel bad around his birthday when my gift isn’t as awesome cause I’m poor but I will do my best. Anyway, I watched the movie about two days after my birthday and… well I knew it was going to be about them being on a ship and zombies but I had no idea how much it was going to reference the Titanic. Man, I was like… uh is this okay? lol I enjoyed it a lot though and I loved the part when Sebastian is having his life memories read. It was interesting seeing the both of them not be so perfect. He was once a crappy butler! I’m so glad to know he didn’t just instantly be that bad ass. I need to get the Book of Circus series added to my collection now.

My sister got me two shirts, some cute hair accessories and the first Vampire Knight Memories manga. One of the shirts fits me really well but the other one – despite being a large – is too short. Wah! My stupid large boobs! I might try some way to wear it though, even if I have to turn it into a crop top look with a tank underneath it. I have been reading Vampire Knight Memories online but I have to collect the books as they come out since I already have the whole regular season. I must complete my collection! Plus, I just love Vampire Knight despite its many many many flaws. I started the story back before it even had one volume and I kept with it to this day.

BTW, my body decided to be a total bitch on my birthday and my sister sent me this that made me burst out in laughter.

I got a handful of birthday cards from my grandparents, father, work place, and doctor’s office. 

Then I got money from my grandparents and my father. I’m never sad about getting mula cause I hardly ever spend my own money for anything nice so I try to use that money for a nice gift such as expensive makeup or maybe some clothes. I have yet to go shopping with it but I will try to remember to post what I get in a later blog entry. I also got a lot of chocolate from my dad.

It was cute and funny how – at work – when I went to the bathroom and came back I had this basket of goodies on my desk with a Birthday Girl ribbon and sash. I had no idea who did it until way later when my friend said it was one of my boss’s with my previous co-worker. They did good, knowing what kind of treats I like. haha

The MRI I had to do was interesting. I don’t think I’m claustrophobic, as long as I know I can get out, I’m okay. At least, I think that is the case. I’m not really sure what happened but when I first got in I felt a little weird and my mind kept going, I have to be in here for 20 minutes?! So I told myself to relax and I focused on the music they had on the headphones (which was Queen at first). It was rough though because my stomach was not happy at the time and they had this mirror on the top of the head so you could see the techs. The problem with that is you had a bar through your face so trying to look at the mirror was not easy. It was this that I think caused me to get dizzy, because my eyes wanted to focus on that bar and not the mirror.

I probably should have just closed my eyes, not sure why I didn’t. Anyway, when I got out I knew I was feeling really light headed. I tried looking up on google to see if anyone else every had that kind of experience but I could not find anything so I have no idea if it was the MRI or just me in general especially because the next day I was still pretty bad to the point of nearly falling at work.

I’m much better now but man… that was weird. I don’t know when I will get my results, if the doctor’s office will call me or if they will just release them to mychart. The techs told me it takes 1-2 days so it really should be ready today. I doubt anything will show on this test so I’m not that worried but I just want to get the results back and be done with that.

(I got my results back and it appears that I have inflammation in my brain and now I have to do a lumbar puncture to find out why and go through more tests. I’m trying not to jump to conclusion and get worried just yet but man… that sucks.)

Besides all that, I decided to copy Cat and start taking pictures of my anime figures. I haven’t been using my camera a lot and that is such a waste considering how much I spent and saved for it. So I put my camera on manual mode (I usually have it on Aperture mode) and started taking shots and messing with the settings to see what I could get and to get a better feel of my camera and all its dials. I have a Nikon D7000 and it was VERY overwhelming to me at first because my first camera was a Nikon D40 and it did not have all those bells and whistles. Anyway, it was fun to do and I hope to do many more in the future when I get random energy. I will probably post these on my instagram the most.