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San Angelo Comic Con and More…

So my little town somehow got its own small Comic Con. I paid for both days but only went on Saturday with my friend. I mostly didn’t go on Sunday because I was not feeling all that well but that is okay because I got all that I needed from the one day. As someone who goes to big conventions I was not expecting much but I think they did a pretty good job for an event in this town.Β  I got myself a few cute necklaces, a ring, and some lip scrub. I’m poor right now so I didn’t want to spend a lot or buy any anime paraphernalia. It was fun to be able to get into cosplay again but it made me realize how I really need a new one with my friends. I thought I was going to die in my heels in the Sheryl costume and the outfit I really wanted to wear…. well I think it is time for retirement. I have altered and re-sewn and done so much to it that I’m not sure I can fix it anymore. Either time to say goodbye forever or get/make a new one in that same style. Normally I would just trash it but it is one of the few costumes I have that comes in a pair with a friend cosplayer…. Oh well. lol


I didn’t take many pictures of us and we only used our phones so sorry for the quality. This is a picture of me and a friend.


This was the best costume at the whole event. Pretty bad ass and creepy!

03 04

05 06

The items that I bought at the con. I really love the bumble bee necklace and that lip scrub really helps my dry chapped lips.
I think the spider is call how it is holding a skull and that ring matched my outfit at the time. XD

Over all we had a nice time and I will probably go again when they bring it back. I’m glad it won’t be a one time event because this town could really use something like this considering that it never wants to have anything different here…

On a whole different topic, I made a Transformation video on youtube from plain ol’ me to vampire Yuuki in Vampire Knight.

If that doesn’t play you can click HERE.

Then I went ahead and took a few pictures since I was already dressed up, lol. It was kind of pathetic since I didn’t have a camera person but I managed.


You can see a different one on WorldCosplay and DeviantArt.

That’s it! Not much going on with me lately. I have been a little out of it because I’m having a lot of issues with my joints and muscles lately. I still try to force myself to have fun but I have less energy to really put into my blogs. I try though, I don’t want this pain to stop me from doing what I like to do. My doctor is going to do some tests to try and figure out why I’m having this pain, I pray to god it is not something like RA or MS. I think it is highly unlikely but since they already adjusted my thyroid and my vitamin d they have to start testing me for the scary things now. DX

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    • ongaku ongaku

      Thank you πŸ™‚

  1. Events can still be just as fun even when you’re trying not to spend money. I’ve never been to a comic-con but I think it would be really fun to go! I probably wouldn’t buy anything because I don’t have a particular need or passion for the things that are there, but it would still be fun to go! I’m glad you had a good time, and the things you did buy are really cute – especially the bumble bee necklace.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • ongaku ongaku

      Haha, yeah when I went to my first con I wanted to buy so much but after time it is pretty much the same thing over and over so you don’t need to spend as much and it is better to look forward to hang with friends and go to panels.

  2. Kya Kya

    That’s really cool that your town had an event! Hopefully you can make some changes so that you are still able to cosplay, and not have to retire. :'(

    I really like the bee necklace! πŸ˜€
    Kya recently posted..Watercolour PracticeMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      I wasn’t going to retire cosplay, just maybe that one outfit. πŸ™‚

  3. Omg I just started watching Vampire Knight and it’s pretty awesome. I’m on season 2 right now.

    It’s nice that your town had a Comic Con. I think my school or a town up the road is going to try and have one.

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your muscles. Hopefully it’s not something major
    Cassidy recently posted..Month in Review: OctoberMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      You must read the manga it is 10X better, the anime does no justice. It’s crazy to think that the series is still going when I started it a long time ago 0_0

  4. That’s awesome that they held a mini comic con, they had one similar to where I live in England! You look AMAZING! (as always) <3 I'm sorry you werent feeling well for sunday though! Hope you get better soon <3

    • ongaku ongaku

      Thank you! πŸ™‚

  5. Amy Amy

    Glad you had fun at your local comic con! My city has one that’s actually quite big, but it’s a few days after my birthday so I never have the money to go. All the stuff you bought looks amazing, and you look amazing too!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!
    Amy recently posted..Life Catch-Up: My Birthday and OctoberMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      I live in kind of a hick town so I was surprised we got anything. lol Thank you πŸ™‚

  6. Sue Sue

    It’s great your city had a local comic con πŸ™‚ That’s awesome you got to dress up with your friend, that your costumes go together. You both look beautiful! That best costume picture is creepy (._. ) Nice Vampire Knight transformation!
    Sue recently posted..Windup War: the Cutest Combat Card GameMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      Yeah, it was fun to dress up again. It feels like it has been ages because I havn’t been able to travel out of town to cosplay lately. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  7. Cat Cat

    That’s nice that your town got a Comic Con! I wore heels for a cosplay once, and it totally killed me. After that, I was like, no more! I really like the bumble bee necklace that you got at the con. It looks so cool!

    Man, you make putting on false lashes so effortless in your video. I struggle with them a lot, haha. I need more practice I guess!

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been having issues with your joints and muscles though. I hope your doctor figures out what’s going on. Feel better soon!
    Cat recently posted..Japan 2016, part 7: YokohamaMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      Yeah, I try my best to wear cosplay that doesn’t have heels haha I’m to broken for them. πŸ™‚
      LOL! You know I was super nervous on that part but I was in shock how smoothly it went cause it normally doesn’t. Thank you! πŸ™‚

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