San Angelo Comic Con and More…

So my little town somehow got its own small Comic Con. I paid for both days but only went on Saturday with my friend. I mostly didn’t go on Sunday because I was not feeling all that well but that is okay because I got all that I needed from the one day. As someone who goes to big conventions I was not expecting much but I think they did a pretty good job for an event in this town.Β  I got myself a few cute necklaces, a ring, and some lip scrub. I’m poor right now so I didn’t want to spend a lot or buy any anime paraphernalia. It was fun to be able to get into cosplay again but it made me realize how I really need a new one with my friends. I thought I was going to die in my heels in the Sheryl costume and the outfit I really wanted to wear…. well I think it is time for retirement. I have altered and re-sewn and done so much to it that I’m not sure I can fix it anymore. Either time to say goodbye forever or get/make a new one in that same style. Normally I would just trash it but it is one of the few costumes I have that comes in a pair with a friend cosplayer…. Oh well. lol


I didn’t take many pictures of us and we only used our phones so sorry for the quality. This is a picture of me and a friend.


This was the best costume at the whole event. Pretty bad ass and creepy!

03 04

05 06

The items that I bought at the con. I really love the bumble bee necklace and that lip scrub really helps my dry chapped lips.
I think the spider is call how it is holding a skull and that ring matched my outfit at the time. XD

Over all we had a nice time and I will probably go again when they bring it back. I’m glad it won’t be a one time event because this town could really use something like this considering that it never wants to have anything different here…

On a whole different topic, I made a Transformation video on youtube from plain ol’ me to vampire Yuuki in Vampire Knight.

If that doesn’t play you can click HERE.

Then I went ahead and took a few pictures since I was already dressed up, lol. It was kind of pathetic since I didn’t have a camera person but I managed.


You can see a different one on WorldCosplay and DeviantArt.

That’s it! Not much going on with me lately. I have been a little out of it because I’m having a lot of issues with my joints and muscles lately. I still try to force myself to have fun but I have less energy to really put into my blogs. I try though, I don’t want this pain to stop me from doing what I like to do. My doctor is going to do some tests to try and figure out why I’m having this pain, I pray to god it is not something like RA or MS. I think it is highly unlikely but since they already adjusted my thyroid and my vitamin d they have to start testing me for the scary things now. DX