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San Japan 5 – 2012

Alrighty! I’m finally making a post! I’m sorry it has been so long even after saying I would try to post more. That’s life I suppose. orz

Anyway, my sister and I went to San Japan 5 last weekend. It was a blast – though it really didn’t last long enough, haha. I have to admit though, I’m getting old. I didn’t have the energy I use to have when going to conventions. Maybe it has been the initial strain of these past few years or I am just getting old, haha. We did the most we could do. We spent most of our time just walking around in cosplay and lolita clothes.


That is our first time wearing them and I’m really happy with the outcome. The person who took this picture is a professional photographer, Toshi Yamioka.

I think I might start doing more photography when I go to conventions though. We actually had a moment of dressing normal and carrying around my nice camera to take pictures of people. Someday I want to actually do private photo shoots at conventions. It turned out to be more fun than I expected and since I don’t really need to be spending all my time in the dealer room and artist alley (coughspendingmymoneycough) and I don’t really like going to panels, cosplay and photography or more my passion for the conventions. I might even try making day trips and stuff in the future just to try and go to more conventions.

Of course it won’t stop me from buying things, that is part of the fun of a convention after all. I got a few great items this time. I will take pictures of them soon. I bought two new PC games, the visual novel kind. Those are the only kind of games I can play, haha. I bought a grab bag from this cute artist, that makes rings, earring and other things. I got two really bad ass rings (I can’t wait to wear them). Then I spent a ton of money on actual anime, which is funny because I never buy anime dvds or manga at the cons because I can order or buy them at my store at home. However, we have been putting off some series for a long time because we were going to have to order them, Clannad and Toradora. I also went ahead and bought Working. xD

Then my guilty pleasure buy was another body pillow. Those are addicting, but I don’t really get the chance to sleep with them *sad face*. This time it is a sexier Zero Kiryuu pillow. I saw that and just couldn’t resist. It will probably be the last time I buy one… unless I see Ulquiorra all sexy on a pillow – haha! *gets shot*

Oh, and I got to meet with one of my online friends again – Cat! You might know her, she owns many website Shattered Wings being her main domain. She is very talented, including photography. Since she was going to San Japan for a day we decided to meet up and do a little photo shoot. She did an awesome job and I can’t wait to see more of them. Plus, it was great fun getting to see her again in person and it be more than just a simple hello before having to run off. xD

Um, other than that I don’t have much else to say. I really wish I could do more fun things and talk about them here. Someday there will be a time! I swear!

2 thoughts on “San Japan 5 – 2012”

  1. Those pink wigs are cute XD I managed to be good and only bought one thing in the dealer room, lol. I’m glad we got to hang out more this time too! I’ve been working on your photos the past few days. I should have them ready for you guys soon!
    Cat recently posted..San JapanMy Profile

    1. Exciting, I look forward to it. XD Haha, I might start to be that good since I don’t really see all that much to buy anymore, especially at San Japan. AnimeFest was much more dangerous for me.

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