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San Japan 5 Goodies

September 4, 2012

Didn’t get as many goodies at this convention as a usually do, but the goodies that I did get are awesome. How about that! I was a good girl and didn’t spend too much money for a change. LOL Anyway, as you can see from the first pictures I got a cute decorated contact case. That was actually a part of a grab bag that had a few other goodies in it. That artist stall had so many cute things I couldn’t just pick one so I just bought a 5 dollar grab bag and let it be up to luck. I wasn’t disappointed.

Oh, you might have noticed that I put up a new layout. I’m not really found of it but the last one was messing up my screen for my dashboard so… yeah. I know I should just stop being lazy and make my own theme. uuuugggg

I’m feeling extramlely lazy but I did get around to taking these pictures and I also updated I have been needing to clean up the gallery and work on the costumes page.

Oh yeah, and I closed down another one of my fanlisting – Nakama – the one for Masaomi, Mikado, and Anri. No one was joining it anymore and I got tired of having to post ‘still alive’ ever two months because of the harassment you get from I really don’t like running fanlistings so I think that is the last time I try to do one. The only one I’m keeping is for my Zero and Yuuki fanlisting and that is because it is part of a huge shrine. I have no reason to close that one down, I just need to work on a new look for the site now. I will probably be taking the French part off the site since I plan to do a bunch of updates and I’m not sure my translator is still around.

Anyway! Time to see the rest of the pictures!

The cellphone straps were the other items in my grab bag. I think they are cute even though my cellphone doesn’t have a place to hang them with. I will probably just put them on a key chain or someplace else… haven’t made up my mind yet. The strawberry earrings were from another artists table (I think) lol. I thought they were adorable and couldn’t pass it up.

Two of my favorite buys, really awesome rings! Yeah, I felt like buying more things I could wear or use this time at a con. I’m sorry for the ugly picture of my hand but that one ring wouldn’t sit right. My friend – Brittany – got me stuck on octopus rings, with one she bought for me a while ago that I wear often. I figure the long ring would come in handy when I do Nana cosplay. xD

These are visual novels. The only kind of game I can play and not feel like a complete loser… okay maybe not. I tend to use walk throughs, hehe. So far I have only played the Winter in Fairbrook one along with one of my other visual novels, Always Remember Me. I always get the ‘alone’ end before I read the walk throughs. At least we finally got some that weren’t otome but actually murder mysteries. That should be fun.

Yup, always have to add more to my t-shirt collection even though I hardly ever get the chance to wear them. I really need to get out more. I loved the Vocaloid one because she was so cute! The bleach one was something I couldn’t pass up since it had all my favorite characters on it. Haha, I guess you could say all my favorite villain characters but since they aren’t in it anymore Bleach has been so boring. Then – of course – had to get my San Japan shirt. The other picture there is a picture of pictures, haha. Those are all the printouts we bought at Toshi’s photoshoot. It was a fun experience.

And last, but not least! My new Zero pillow! I couldn’t pass it up. I already had one but this one was much sexier. I always thought it was weird that they had a relaxed one of Kaname and not of Zero when Zero is usually the character who wears all his clothes lose. I’m not really sure what to do with these pillows though… they are just stacked in a pile in my room for now until I can move.

Anyway, there are some things I got that I didn’t take a picture of, most of them were anime DVDs. I never buy DVDs at conventions but this time I felt the need to because I was going to have to order them anyway. I bought Working!!, Toradora, and Clannad. That is probably were most of my monies went. LOL

Well, it was great getting to go to at least one convention this year, thanks to my father and step mother. I hope we can go back to AnimeFest and possibly San Japan again next year!

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