Sleep Study

So, as a lot of you might already know by my health posts, I have a lot of little health issues. One of the issues is my sleep. It was already obvious that I was not getting enough sleep with all my stomach problems. Waking up in pain or just not getting to sleep easily because of some pain.

However, now that most of that is getting under control (hooray!) It was not apparent as to why I was still always so tired, aching, and never feeling like I got enough sleep.

It got so bad that I nearly feel asleep on the phone with someone at work. I was starting to get really upset because I couldn’t stay awake after work nor on the weekend. It was ruining my life.

Once we got my thyroid stuff in control, my vitamin D, and some of my stomach issues (goodbye nasty gallbladder!) I was starting to feel a lot better, but not completely.

My doctor finally decided it was time I do a sleep study to make sure I do not have sleep apnea. What led him to this was 1. it runs in both sides of my family severely. 2. I wake up never feeling refreshed and I ache all over. 3. I wake up coughing or choking, like I’m not getting air.

I never thought much about that though because I have asthma so I just figured I was sputtering because some allergen cause a tickle in my throat and lungs… Things that don’t add up to me having sleep apnea though is that fact that I’m not over weight, I do not have a thick neck, and no one has ever told me I snore. So we shall see…

The test was miserable, by the way. I did mine as an in-home study, which is better than doing it at the clinic or hospital but still uncomfortable. I’m about to show you some horrifying pictures of me without makeup. Ha!

ss01Β ss02

Sorry for the crap quality – took with my phone cause I was too tired to care. πŸ™‚

So this was the contraption that I had to wear. It goes on the forehead and then a part of it goes in your nose – like oxygen – but there is no air blowing. It is used to measure your breathing instead. The forehead has three sensors that bothered my skin all night long. I kept wanting to scratch at it. My head had some lovely read blotches in the morning. Sigh. I’m cursed with sensitive skin.

Now he is a picture of me wearing it. AAHH!!

ss03Β ss04

That is what hell looks like. lol

Good news – after all this torture – is that I did not have any sleep abnormalities. I was all good. I kind of figured it was because once we did some major adjusting with my medications my extreme fatigue and falling asleep (even at work) finally stopped! Woot! I’m finally feeling human again.

I stopped taking my blood pressure medication and just have to watch and monitor my extremely fast heart rate. I know that a heart rate of 190 while doing a little bit of cardio is kind of extreme, but it hasn’t gone over 200 yet. Doctor said he was not as worried because of my age and my echo didn’t show anything. He might force me on a smaller dose in the future – we shall see. Then the other thing that helped me was he upped my thyroid medication.

Now I’m ready to do more cosplay and sew. I will have another post of that soon. Also, I might have some more video reviews of things again. Sorry for such a long wait in between posts!