Snack Fever Review

I had more luck with making this video. I ended up using a lens that had no auto zoom and it behaved. Anyway, here is my review for the Korean Subscription Snack Box – Snack Fever. I’ve been wanting to try Korean snacks for a while and Snack Fever did not disappoint. I would definitely recommend you start with them for your Korean snack cravings.

They have three different boxes, the Mini, Original and then some kind of special box. I just went for the Original.

Here is what I got –

Crunchy Rice Bar – First of all, I find it funny that the day before I got my box I saw these at HEB grocery. Of course the ones I got there were not flavored. The one I got was a cheese flavor. I love cheese and I love Rice Cakes so these are delicious to me. The best part is these are safe on my FODMAP diet. Woot!

Mom’s Homemade Pie – Now this was a unique taste. Honestly, I have not finished it, not because I didn’t like it, but just because I haven’t had the chance. I can’t remember my impression of it but I do like sour cream. Yes, I said sour cream. It is a pastry pie with sour cream butter.

Sweet Rice Pie – I made a face when eating these. Haha, it was just like eating a Nabisco Pinwheels but instead of marshmallow inside it was sticky rice.  I suppose the sticky rice part was what made it better than a Nabisco Pinwheels but that kind of chocolate does not appeal to me.

Veggie Crackers – Yum! Nothing really to say about these. You can buy stuff like this in America. I did like how cute and small the crackers are though.

Harvest Original – Taste like a Ritz Cracker. LoL the Korean Ritz Cracker.

Shikhye – This is a drink, a sweet drink. I have yet to drink it! Oppss

Ottogi Cheese Ramyun – Yum! I love putting cheese in my Ramyun so this was delicious to me. If you never had cheese in your ramen (Ramyun) you need to try it now!

Ojingeo Tangkong – These are little spicy balls (squid cracker) with peanuts inside. It tastes so good and I would keep eating them if I didn’t just have my gallbladder taken out. I can only eat a few at a time because of the spice. They don’t really seem that spicy though because the peanut inside keeps it from burning your mouth off.

Tiramisu – A yummy and soft cupcake with cream cheese inside. I’m saving my next one to go with coffee or a milk tea. Yum.

Scotch Almond Candy – The title is pretty self explanatory, you can’t go wrong with that mixture. It’s a hard scotch candy with an actual almond inside!

I’m not going to do too many more of these unboxings, I might do one for the Universal Yuumies coming in this month but I’m excluding Tokyo Treats. Coming march I’m going on a strict health food diet to help with my health issues – not so much for weight. So you will probably see more health related posts… hopefully. I went ahead and applied to Love with Food, which is good for you snacks that are gluten free as well. That way I can try more things than what my grocery store provides. I might share a bit about those from time to time.