Snakku Review

I had a hell of a time getting this video done. I ran into so many problems. Sorry if the quality is not up to par with most. I hope to get better with it! orz You can see the video at the end of this post.

Anyway, got my second Snakku box in and since my health is getting better I figured it was time to actually do a small review. As I mentioned in a previous post, Snakku is – so far – my favorite subscription box. I’m going to review the other three boxes I will be getting in soon.

So, here is what I got this time-

Tirolian – A treat that has been around since 1630 (according to Snakku). It was a nice light snack wafer cookie that was shaped like a cylinder with cream filling in the middle. I got Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Coffee. I enjoyed this since it wasn’t too filling or too sweet.

Tirolian Hat – Just like the first one but instead of cylinder it was very thin and flat circle with a small spread of filling on the inside. I enjoyed this one too but I didn’t see any difference in taste if there was suppose to be one.

Tirolian Chococrunch – Probably my favorite of the tirolian bunch. It was a nice crispy chocolate with the wafer chunks. I could probably keep eating these and that is something since I don’t particularly care for chocolate stuff.

Hanachidori – Bean paste! I guess that is something to get use too or an acquired taste. I don’t dislike it but I don’t love it either. I liked the one with the mixed egg yolk best.

Pretz Corn – This was like a pocky but without the cream cover. Instead it was lightly flavored with a strong sweet corn taste. First time I bit into it I though I had opened a can of sweet corn somewhere. If you love sweet corn you will love it.

Happy Turn – Basically small pieces of rice crackers with lightly covered sweet sugar (or something) on them. Yummy, but I love rice crackers.

Yaki Imo – I think this was the one treat I did not like. That is because I HATE sweet potatoes but if you love them I bet this would be great for you. Just a soft bread like cookie that taste like baked sweet potato.

Kuromame Senbei – My favorite treat in the box. Rice crackers with black beans. I love rice crackers and I love black beans. Haha. It had a very nice flavor – they called it earthy – so now my mind thinks of it that way.

Lemon Yogurt Candy – This was really yummy candy. The top was the lemon, so it was smooth and hard like a typical hard candy. The yogurt part was the bottom and it was kind of chalky but it was not bad. When mixed together it gave a great sweet/tart taste. I was surprised.

Here is the tasting video –