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Joined a Gym – 21-Day Tummy Part 3 (Soup)

So… just as my title says – I joined a gym. It’s been a long time since I have joined one so it was pretty intimidating. My first day was spent all on the treadmill and I ended up being on it a lot longer than I thought possible. The second day I decided to do some of the elliptical but then something scary happened. My heart rate went over 210! I stopped right then and rested and then called my doctor the next day. They had me come in right away – thankfully the EKG and blood work they did all came out fine so he put me on a baby dose of a certain kind of medication, told me to check my pulse and write it down 2-3 times and day and see if it helps my fast heart. After all, it was staying over 110 at rest. Just slight walking would get it to go up to 140+.

I’ve been on it for over a week now and though my heart rate isn’t perfect it is much better, staying below 100 when I’m at rest (usually in the 90s). I’m thinking the longer I’m on it the better the results. I just have to make sure it doesn’t mess up my blood pressure. I’m still going to the gym and just being careful. I don’t want to pass out. I even started to do some weights so hopefully I can get some upper body strength. xD


21-Day Tummy Part 2 (Smoothies)

It seems a have a lot of evil influences in my family – and they don’t really even mean to be!

On this 21-Day Tummy diet I’m trying to start by not eating certain foods, such as fast food or too many dairy products. Mostly because my cholesterol is so bad even at my age. It is worrisome so I sometimes wonder if it is one of my medications causing me to be worse than normal.