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Nightmare On My Street

Welp, it is my favorite time of year… Halloween! Haha. Well, and fall too but in West Texas you don’t really get a fall. When I was out to buy my new Halloween decoration of the year I got the worst surprise. I could…

October 21, 2017

Creepy Stories – Happy Halloween!

Please keep in mind this post is meant for Halloween fun, not to be taken seriously. In the spirit of Halloween I have decided to share my own spooky stories. Let me start by saying – yes I do believe in the supernatural to…

October 13, 2015

October is time for Halloween and…

more photography! I decided to test out my outfit that I plan to wear for the Halloween party my sister and her Husband are throwing. I’m not going to dress up this extravagant though. This is the first time I have worn this wig…

October 26, 2014