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A Little Update

Not a lot going on, well I guess that isn’t really true but nothing really exciting has been going on. XD My job title and position is changing though and – hopefully – for the better. I’m going from Help Desk to EMR Analyst.…

November 13, 2016
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My Job

No, this is not going to be a negative post. Despite how crazy it can get I actually like my job for a change. OMG has hell frozen over?! lol If you don’t know what I do, I work as a Computer Support Tech…

September 17, 2013
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Short Vacation

Lies!! I’m a freaking liar!! *sigh* Sorry about that, I was on a role with the blog writing and visiting and then stuff happened… Well, nothing bad – at least – but it just kept me busy or too tired to sit at the…

August 13, 2013