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I feel like a bag of rocks…

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling out of sorts. The reason? My dream! I had some really twisted horrible nightmare. I can’t even explain it but WTF!!! What is wrong with my brain?!! LOL I haven’t had a nightmare that bad in a very long time. I’m not sure what brought it on either.

I took the week off from work so I have been relaxing. The only thing I can think would cause it is the stress from my ankle. Yup, back in April I hurt my ankle and 9 weeks later it is still hurting and I still can’t walk normal on it. I saw an orthopedic doctor and he gave me a boot and said to give it 4 more weeks… 4 more weeks?!!!! NNNOOOO He was like, if it still hurts we will do a MRI. I’m not really sure why 9 weeks later isn’t long enough to try and schedule a MRI!!! ARG! Tomorrow starts the 10th week of this shit! RAWR To top things off, the boot takes my pain level from a 2 to a 6!! After wearing it for awhile I start to feel cold sweats and sick to my stomach. I’m a bit concerned that I’m not getting good treatment and it sucks.


New Home!

So, awhile ago I had mentioned that we had finally bought a house. We officially got to move in on June 4th and ever since then we have been busy with making major changes to the home. We still have a lot more to do but we are making some progress.

Some of the big things we did right away was paint the bedrooms. My sister’s room was painted pink (once again) and I painted mine purple. My sister’s room is pretty much done but I have yet to take pictures of it. My room has some more work because I would like to decorate it and get new bedding.