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[Update] I’ve been told by two people now that they are getting 403 errors when trying to comment, and only sometimes. I turned off a plugin that may be the culprit but please let me know at if you still get it cause then I have another beef with my web host and may need to find another one.

I’m sure most people have heard of my title – FODMAP. I had heard about it over and over again, and even started to follow it – just not well enough. Well, I’m really trying it now. It is not easy! While there are many foods it does allow, I have a hard time remembering them all. I guess with time I will get better at it. The only thing that helps is all the books I have that follow the Low FODMAP diet. Some of them I have to change up a bit because there are certain foods it talks about being able to eat, that I know I have a strong reaction too.

One of them is a spice called Cumin. So many books talk about how it is a safe spice but I remember every time someone added cumin to my food I would get so sick (damn it I love Mexican food!). That is what makes this hard. I’m going to really push away foods (not all foods just the bad ones of course) for about a week and slowly bring them back in, just to find out which ones seems to hurt me the most. It won’t be a perfect test, because I know some things might not hurt me if I only eat it once, it needs to be built up in my system. However, it at least gets me eating healthier.

Oh, and more fiber. I already tried to eat things with good fiber but now I’m actually shopping for things that are good source of fiber. I found a really delicious bar called KIND bar. My favorite flavor so far is the blueberry, vanilla, nuts one. You should try them if you are looking for a good healthy snack bar.