Tests, tests, and more tests

I’ve been trying to come up with something to talk about on my blog but not much has happened since my last entry. I have such an exciting life but you know what, I don’t mind it for the most part.

I was going to try and take some PTO from work at the end of July but those plans fell through when my boss came up to me and told me the person I have been training was taking a new position. So I had to retract that PTO. Luckily my friend from Help Desk applied for the job and got it. So it won’t take long to train him cause I have already been giving him more access, plus he has the help desk background. This means I might get to have PTO sooner than later.

My new cosplay outfit has come in but it was super big on me. So I had my mother come help me alter it. Honestly, I had planned to do it myself and just have her help me set up the sewing machine but somehow that lead to her doing it, haha. At least I did all the planning and measuring before hand. It is funny but I like the planning and measuring part. I hate the actual sewing part. Someday I will get over that. It looks a lot better but I probably won’t wear it until I lose about 10 pounds and it gets cooler outside. That means I have some time because it doesn’t get cooler here until October (by the earliest). 

I saw the neurologist for the first time today. He is going to test me for everything under the sun, haha. He, so far, is a better doctor than the Rheumatolgist (I mean, nothing against him but he barely tested me before saying I most likely have Fibro). He said he believed that fibromyalgia is a real diagnosis but that it was a diagnosis of exclusion not just to stamp me with it just because a test or two was negative. He was like, you are 31! We need to test you to be sure it isn’t something else. So he had me do a lot of blood work for tests I have had done before but some I didn’t even know about.

ANA, ESR, Folic Acid Level, Heavy Metals Serum, Hemoglobin A1c, Lyme Serology, Protein Electrophoresis Serum, Vitam B1, B12, B6, and D. 

He is also scheduling me for EMG of the upper and lower right side as well as a Nerve Conduction Study. Then last, but not least an MRI of the brain without contrast. 

I’m glad he is checking everything but I’m going to have to give the hospital an IOU for that bill. Haha!

I’m just waiting for my insurance to approve all these tests and then I will get them done. The blood work was done though. 

I see my PCP one last time before he leaves. Wah! I saw him in a meeting room not to long ago and he was like – so, have you found a new PCP yet?

Me: -_-

So yeah, he reminded me to get on that and I scheduled with a female doctor that I liked a lot when she use to do Urgent Care. I was so glad she was still taking new patients because I got the vibes from her that she truly cares for her patients. I hope she is a good fit for me. 

This was a super boring post. Sorry! Hopefully something more interesting happens soon.