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The Feels!!!! Vampire Knight Extra

Um yeah, don’t continue reading if you don’t want Vampire Knight spoilers. I promise my next post is something more substantial but I just had to comment on this. I think it is about time I start updating my Zero and Yuuki fan shrine. 0_0 I’ve been so neglectful of all my shrines. Anyway, if you didn’t know Vampire Knight has been over for a while but then again it hasn’t. Hino has been bringing out extra chapters to feature the lives of her characters and what happened right before the ending of her series. It has been so heartbreaking! The Feels!!! orz

Warning, Fan Girl Moments!




Zero’s Death!!!!! WWAAHHH!!! (Graphics made by Imaginarylights)

Okay, so I knew he died. I mean the ending of the Vampire Knight series made it clear that he died at some point before Yuuki ended up giving her heart to Kaname. It is just… dude, I just thought he died because he lived out his life as a vampire. This shows us something completely different. I don’t know for sure but I thought I saw somewhere they were were attacked by Level E vampires and he got shot through the heart and apparently it was from protecting Yuuki and Ren (Can’t verify this though since the full raws are not out and there is no English translation). OMG Poor Yuuki and Zero! Yuuki looks so heartbroken! It is no wonder she decided to end her life and bring Kaname back. If your a Kaname and Yuuki fan I’m sorry if any of my words offend but I’m pure Zeki fan here. I just love to fan girl over them but I don’t mean to attack Kaname fans.

Good thing this will probably never be animated cause then it would probably make me…


LOL, okay maybe not, but really that scene is beautiful. It really shows their love and bond. I find it interesting that the first time they parted was similar, with a kiss and Yuuki on her knees in anguish. Such a tragic couple but at least they lived many years together. Plus-


“We decided to be together from now on.”

Yay! It took them freakin long enough!!! I always knew my ship sailed but this makes it even more awesome. Anyway, there has been many more awesome Zeki scenes from her extra chapters, so I’m really happy. After all, it was a bit sad when the ending of the series was of Yuuki giving up her life to bring Kaname back. I was like… BUT, what about everyone else?! What do you mean Zero is dead at this point?! WAH!

Okay, I’m done fan girling. Haha

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  1. Aww, that’s so sad! I really should read more of this series. I have a few volumes. I rather enjoyed what I did read. 🙂

    1. Yes, you should! Especially if you like Zero and Yuuki. 🙂

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