Updates on Health

Using a new layout already, as you can see. I didn’t like the way the other one messed up my back-end look. This one is more fluid. I really need to stop being lazy and start making my own layouts. I’m still slowly working on Panikku, though not much more progress has been made. A lot of the reason is because of my health. I haven’t had the energy to come home and get on the computer after working all day. I’m also working on changing the look of KillsWithCake so that doesn’t help my progress on other things.

Saw my doctor for my Hospital Follow Up. He put me at the end of the day so he could spend some time trying to figure out the next move. We went through a list of things we have already done and things we have yet to do. He wants to try a few more things before resorting to more surgery, which is fine with me. I don’t want to have to go back into surgery or the hospital for that matter.

The rest of this post is very medical about the colon so if that kind of stuff bothers you, turn around now.

So, as it stands – I may be doomed to be on medications for the rest of my life unless my colon actually works itself out. (To clarify, I’m on several medications for the rest of my life already I was just a little disappointed that now I have to add more.) He thinks that – because I have been like this for so long – that my colon just doesn’t know how to work anymore. It won’t move the stool – which causes me to have pain, bloat, nausea, and constipation. First things first, is to keep that stool soft. That is where this new medication comes in. Amitiza. I have yet to look it up in more detail but apparently it is suppose to help pull more water into the colon to help the stool, which is basically a fancier stool softener. Then we go from there. Taking things that might help my colon move. He just doesn’t want to have my colon try to move without the first step because the pain would be awful.

He has a few plans to try on me each month, so if this doesn’t work I get a new plan to try in 3-4 weeks. The good thing about this is that he is doing it all in samples so I don’t have to spend money on things that might not help. There was one thing my doctor said that made me extremely happy. He said that he will not just label me with IBS. That he thinks that is what hurt me in the long run because if it turns out to be something else it will be pushed aside, leaving me to suffer longer with a misdiagnosis. He didn’t say it out loud but to me he acted like he was annoyed I was labeled with IBS at such a young age and agreed with me that my GI doctor from temple was a complete idiot.

I’m not just saying that because he couldn’t help me, but because of how he treated me. At the end of it all he started to act like my illness was all in my head. Telling me and my mother if I believed the medication would work, it would. Ha! That is when we fired him. He was a big part of the reason I stopped seeing doctors for several years. Of course my body didn’t let me get away with that and I guess it is an even better thing that I got a job as this hospital or I would have never gotten the doctor I have now.

I’m just really glad he is taking me seriously, thinking carefully on this, and not just passing me off as another IBS case that can’t be helped. I was terrified that was going to happen on my next visit. I don’t know why… he has never been that kind of doctor but I just have a fear of doctors since I have had so much bad luck with them.

Anyway, I know taking pills all my life – or at least until my colon starts to learn how to work on its own again – is kind of a bummer but I would like to try all of that first before they just start cutting into me, only to have that not work.

I’m hopeful that one of these treatments will work. That is – after all – one of the first steps to recovery. Trying to stay positive. I don’t want to fall into depression, which is where I was going – and very quickly – before this doctor visit.

Wish me luck!