Updating my Holistic Treatment

From a previous post you learned that I do like the holistic way of treating problems, but I’m not 100% dedicated to it. There is a place for the western medication so I end up following both. When one doesn’t work I will try the other. 

So, when it comes to the multiple of problems I’ve been having with my health, using both is going to be the only way I can make it through and hopefully put my body in remission if not heal. 

With the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and doctors not being very helpful about it, just as they are when it comes to ibs, I decided it was time to take action into my own hands.

So, on Saturday I went to a local Health Store. I talked to a woman who suffered with fibromyalgia for a good hour and she showed me through a bunch of different medications that she used to help treat her fibro.

Things that she pointed out the most was – One: I probably have a heavy metal problem, especially with the teeth fillings I’ve had since I was young. Two: I really needed to do a cleanse for the candida that I most likely have a huge amount of thanks to all the harsh antibiotics I have been put on over and over. 😑

She really insists I get tested for heavy metal, but I’m not sure how I should do that. Doing tests like that can cost a lot of money.

So I decided to focus on healing my gut issues first and go from there. I bought a bottle of E-Z Candida Cleanse that is probably going to kick my ass. Once I finish that I will start taking Colostrum6 to help with healing and maintaining the gut. I also bought a certain kind of magnesium to take every day during all this to, hopefully, help with all my muscle issues. She also gave me a sample of CBD pills. If you don’t know what that is, it is the marijuana without the THC. 👍

If those work out for me I will invest in buying a bottle – (cost is around 70 bucks – ouch).

I also decided to start trying a holistic approach to my allergies because the medications for allergies give me allergic reactions… Ha, go figure. Benadryl is the worst one it will give me tachycardia and hives/itching. Then Allergra is a close second. Shrugs, trying holistic stuff can’t hurt at this point if I’m not taking anything.

Once I get over my cold, I will get back into light exercise and dieting again. All those medications the doctors put me on (that I stopped taking now) made me gain a lot of weight. I’m not happy with myself. I hope all this helps and I can exercise to help me lose weight. I’m also going to try and start following a low FODMAP diet again. It’s going to be rough but…

I finally got my raise!!! 🤣😄😃👍 So, in my last entry I posted about the job trouble. My new boss put my papers through pretty quickly and I’m now officially an EMR analyst, and I got a 5 dollar an hour raise. Woot! It’s going to be great to no longer be under my old boss. I’m being sure to mark down every time he ‘attacks’ me so I can document his immaturity in case he does something outrageous. I know he hates me now but the feeling is mutual and I’m not longer going to let him treat me like shit.

My new job is really much better for my health because I’m not doing as much moving around unless I go to train. My body is really being pathetic. I walked really quickly across a street at one point and both my knees gave out, just before I made it to the curb. That hurt! I go walking around at a grocery store and my calves will start to spasm so then I’m limping the rest of the time, using the cart as some sort of support/walker. I’m honestly scared of trying to work out like this but I will start really slow and see where I can go with this.

Wish me luck with all of this! ♥

P.S. Was walking to the OBGYN clinic to help a doctor with her dictation on a tablet and well.. I came across this. It’s creepy! lol I think it is suppose to be how they deliver babies in Africa or something… I don’t really remember what the nurse told me about it. Just that it was something a patient gave them. XD It was a small little thing but it stuck out in my eye like a thorn.

Birth is already terrifying, this looks like damn torture. Ha!

P.S.S. I found a new restaurant that I love. It is authentic Korean food and it is so delicious!! I plan to try everything on their menu at least once. I’ve had four things on the menu so far, but I only took a picture of three of them because one of them was just KimBap XD